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Admit it girls, what are some manly things you like?
Posted 9/22/12

Very true. I agree alot especially with the keeping up appearances part. I've experienced alot of unnecessary hostility and rivalry going on between girls and so many of them are too afraid of losing face in front of their peers that they act quite fake and shallow. Some, when they meet other girls their first reaction is to give the elevator look and you can kind of see on their faces that they're thinking "bitch, I'm hotter than you, just so you know it!"

My last boyfriend found a couple of guys who became his best friends and damn I envied them alot. When I saw them together they acted so easy-going, just joking, having fun with each other with no pretences whatsoever. I caught myself thinking multiple times that I wished I was a guy so I could experience what they were experiencing together. It's a challenge finding girls who I could be like that with.
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Posted 9/22/12
Cursing, ties (that's more gentleman-like than manly but oh well), video games, perverted jokes, Blink 182 (you can't find many female fans) and that's it really :3 I'm not very manly, which is ok xD I'm not girly at all though, I'm a tomboy but not a "manly" one xD
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