Post Reply Is there gonna be more eps? only 50?
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Posted 8/11/11
Is there really only gonna be 50 eps because the way it ended kinda left it open for a little more I think. Any other thoughts about this?
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24 / F / north
Posted 9/23/11
I hope there is more because the manga is still going i think!!!
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Posted 4/14/12
Hate the ending so I hope their more. I doubt it since ever anime that base on ongoing manga never continue the anime. Still the ending sucks since their was like a bunch of unanswered question and they remain unanswered.
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36 / F / Buried under a pi...
Posted 5/10/12
The manga is ongoing. At the time of this writing, volume 14 came out in Japan on May 2, 2012 (says Amazon Japan). From what I could gather on Wikipedia, the Anime covers up to around volume 8 or 9. (Note that I have NOT read the manga--yet.) If the video sales in Japan did well enough, we will see more Anime in the future. (I don't keep up with Japanese video sales records, and I don't know how many units would have to be sold to consider making more of the show.) To be honest, I'd like the manga to be near finished before more Anime is made so that the whole manga could be covered. But maybe that's just me. As it stands, I think the Anime has a decent stopping point, if no more is ever made, but I would love to see more, of course.
Posted 9/15/12
I think there should definitely be more! Haven't even finished it yet, and I'm really sad to see that the end (hopefully more) is drawing near! I think I've cried along with Lag almost every time so far! \(TT^TT)/

I'm really gunna miss Gauche & Lag!
Manga time!
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