NANA is the series continuing?
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Posted 8/13/11
Any Nana fan's here????!!!! (: Does anyone know when the Manga will continue? I know the writer was ill but no info on if she is better or worse? I'm unsure of any information of the manga continuing. Please fill me in!! <3<3<3 thxs thxs
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Posted 8/14/11
Unfortunately, I haven't read any news about her recovery. I'm not sure what her illness is either or the prognosis. Nana is an incredible series and I would love to see it have a proper conclusion.

Posted 8/14/11
Emm i a fan of nana demo i'm not sure about it! I wish if they wanna continue the manga then they i properly can't wait for the live action lol hahaha I LOVE NANA in live action! XD And the anime too <333
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