[Watchlist] Why?!?!
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Posted 8/17/11
Why are you getting rid of the watchlist system??
In my opinion that is a REALLY STUPID Idea..
I use it to keep track of the anime's i watch..
The retarded queue system is gonna be a real fk up..

Maybe i'm the only person who does...
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Posted 8/17/11 , edited 8/17/11
I don't see what the fuss is about. The queue in my eyes is just the watchlist with more features.
Posted 8/17/11
Ehhh most of Cr features are either a hit or miss
Kiki's Customer Support Service
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Posted 8/19/11
It's still in working progress. If you REALLY want it to change, then post your feedback here:


where shinji is actually taking a look at everyone's suggestions, complaint, and feedback.

Also, the watchlist is still alive.

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