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Posted 8/18/11
I'm not really finished with my anime charcter neither do i know her powers,but will post it later :sweatingbullets:
*No one Understands Deidara like me *
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Posted 8/20/11
1. I read your status, I love Deidara too. XD I seriously wish he hadn't died! (Sorry if that was a spoiler...)
2. Hmm, since I can't draw, (Well, I'm getting better, but I still suck at it. XD) I'm not going to be posting any drawings. =P
3. My character would probably, hmm, have long (really long) dark brown hair, side bangs, gray eyes, and she would be able to manipulate water. =] And her name would be Kichi Koboyashi. And of course, since I love goth things, she'd be goth.
Posted 8/27/11
How can I not know that deidara dies
I know every little about him
But anyways I can't really draw either I wish I could draw it all awesome an put it online but sadly
schoolwork is on my mind and yaoi and I can't draw!!!! It's sooo... frustrating...
But anyways.......
My charcter will have Amber hair color with long hair and bangs.
She is able to see peoples mind, past, or even what happended when she touches them or a certain
Her name is Kurami Sechi or some last name like that....
She is kind, sesitive,and likes younger people, but that doesn't mean she has a dark side...
-I could of named her Moonsinner tho because its such an awesome don't you think..
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Posted 8/28/11
Ok, Moonsinner sounds like a twizzlin' awesome name!!!! XD But so does Kurami Sechi!

And I'd like to make some changes to my character. I decided to give her shoulder-length, layered hair, that's still a dark chocolatey brown. And I change the gray eyes to gray/blue. =] I love gray and black eyes!!!!!
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