[2012~KDrama] Take Care of Us, Captain
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Title: 부탁해요 캡틴 / Take Care of Us, Captain
Chinese Title: 拜托了,机长
Previously Known as: Fly Again / Please Captain
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 20
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 2012-Jan-04 to 2012-March-08
Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55


The drama began filming with location shoots in Australia and unfolds around the character growth, careers, and romances of those working at an airport.

Kim Yoon Sung is the talented pilot of a passenger airline who gets saddled with a new co-pilot , Han Da Jin in her attempts to become a pilot.

The pair gets caught in a love triangle with Kang Dong Soo who is an air traffic controller at Incheon International Airport with seven years of experience under his belt. He’s prickly and cool, but possesses a cute, playful side that sometimes crops up.


Main Cast
Koo Hye Sun as Han Da Jin
Ji Jin Hee as Kim Yoon Sung
Lee Chun Hee as Kang Dong Soo
Yoo Sun as Choi Ji Won
Lee Sung Min as Hong Mi Joo

Supporting Cast
Lim Seong Eon as Jang Min Ah
Joo Sung Min as Heo Jae Soo
Park Jae Rang (박재랑) as Jo Wan Joon
Ha Joo Hee as Lee Joo Ri
Kang Nam Gil as Choi Dal Ho
Lee Ah Hyun as Yang Mal Ja
Kim Jin Geun as flight director
Kim Chang Wan as Han Gyu Pil
Lee Hwi Hyang as Yang Mi Hye
Jo Hyung Ki as Kang Pal Bong
Choi Il Hwa as Hong In Tae
Suh In Suk as Hong Myung Jin
Kil So Won (길소원) as Han Da Yeon
Yoon Jung as Choi Min-Sook

Additional Cast Members:
Sean Richard - James
Jung Gyu-Woon - Top star (cameo)
Son Hyeon-Ju - Dae-Young (cameo)
Ahn Seok-Hwan - Dong-Chan (cameo)
Ahn Jae-Mo - Jong-Soo (cameo)
Ryu Sang-Wook - Choi Jong-Il (cameo)
Ha Seung-Ri - (cameo)

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Posted 8/19/11 , edited 8/19/11
i hope she gets the role !
i've liked her since i saw her in boys before flowers.
she's really a talented actress....
Posted 9/22/11 , edited 9/22/11
Goo Hye Sun is one of the few actresses whose acting style I cannot STAND.

If she's cast in this drama, I'm not going near it.
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Ji Jin-hee cast as male lead in upcoming SBS TV series

Korean actor Ji Jin-hee will make his return to the small screen after a year-long hiatus as the male lead in an upcoming SBS TV series, according to a press release from the show's promoter The J Story on Friday.

The J Story announced that Ji will play the role of a perfectionist named Kim Yoon-sung in Korea’s first aviation drama "Please, Captain" (translated titled) with shooting set to begin next month and premiere in January of next year.

"Please, Captain," helmed by Joo Dong-min and written by scenarist Jung Na-myung, tells the everyday stories of the pilots, flight attendants and crew members that work on a passenger airplane.

"I am excited to take part in a genre that I have never tried before and it feels good to make my return through a contemporary project since my last series was a historical saga," Ji was quoted as saying.

Korean actresses Ku Hye-sun, Yoo Sun and MBLAQ member Lee Joon were confirmed as being part of the show's cast last month.

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Redirected www.crunchyroll.com/forumtopic-737610/upcoming-kdrama-please-captain-translated-titled
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Lee Cheon-hee returns as customs officer in "Captain"

Actor Lee Cheon-hee returns with SBS drama "Captain". Coming soon in January, "Captain" is about pilots and customs officers, flight attendants and auto mechanics. Lee Cheon-hee will take on the role of Kang Dong-soo, a very skilled customs officer in the Incheon International Airport. He said, "I felt very attracted to the role as the customs officer in the tower. As there have been no previous examples of this role, I am studying hard about the job to implement on my character. I am already anxious to show this on TV".

"Captain" has also cast Ji Jin-hee for the role of Kim Yoon-seong who was born with excellent pilot skills and will start shooting this coming November to be released on the 4th of January next year.

Source : news.nate.com/view/20... ( Korean )

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In the upcoming series of Please, Captain, Da Jin and Yoon Sung are seen having a date in Australia

Ku Hye Sun and Ji Jin Hee are seen on a date in Australia.

Last month, Ku and Ji left for Australia to shoot SBS’s new drama series Please, Captain and are seen having hamburgers together with beautiful scenery in the background.

The pictures above are taken at a secluded farm village. Yoon Sung (played by Ji Jin Hee) brings some hamburgers for Da Jin (played by Ku Hye Sun) who is waiting at the door to persuade someone.

Yoon Sung has been featuring cold and mean characteristics, while the pictures show his warm, caring side. Da Jin and Yoon Sung are always at each other’s throat, but this scene shows peace in their relationship, building expectations over how it would develop in the future.

In addition, Ku draws people’s eyes for holding hamburger as much as she could in the mouth, expanding the cheeks.

Unlike other TV series about aviation, Please Captain is expected to show real life of pilots, flight attendants, air-traffic controller, and aircraft maintenance. The first episode will air on January 4.

Source: TV Report


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Posted 12/12/11 , edited 12/12/11

Ku Hye Sun, “Do I look like a real pilot?”

SBS’s Wednesday-Thursday series Please Captain, which will start airing in January of next year, released pictures of actress Ku flying the plane.

On December 12, according to SBS, Ku recently shot the series with actor Son Hyun Joo in the Asiana Airlines cockpit simulator, which is located in Seoul. Ko Seong Ho, instructor of Asiana Airlines training team, explained the actors how to control the plane. Ko also explained the role of PF (Pilot in flight) and PM (Pilot monitoring), who monitors and helps PF sitting right next to PF.

The production crew says, “Actors, including, Ji Jin Hee, Son, and Ku are shooting the series passionately just like real pilots. It is a rare thing to see the cockpit in a TV series but through our series, people will see how the cockpit looks like. The series will start airing on January 4 after the current airing series A Deep-rooted Tree. The series is a humanism drama, which is about a female copilot who becomes a passionate pilot. Ku plays the role of a female copilot named Han Da Jin.

Besides Ku, Ji Jin Hee, Yoo Sun, Lee Chun Hee, Son Hyun Joo, Seo Seung Hyun, and Kim Jin Keun will also appear on the series.

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Lee Honey steps down from "Take Care of Us, Captain"

Former Miss Korea and current actress Lee Honey stepped down from the SBS drama "Take Care of Us, Captain".

According to a drama official, she showed enthusiasm at the readings but there was a conflict of opinion.

Her manager also acknowledged the truth and said, "We have decided to step down from the drama. There is no other reason than that the final chords were hard to tune".

Clara (Lee Seong-min) has been cast right away and started shooting.

"Take Care of Us, Captain" is an airline drama with Koo Hye-seon, Ji Jin-hee, Lee Cheon-hee, Yoo Seon and others. It will start broadcasting on the 4th of January.
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Posted 2/1/12 , edited 2/1/12
Goo Hye Sun to Retire from Acting After "Take Care of Us, Captain" Ends?

Actress Goo Hye Sun has shown interest in entering the field of movie production rather than acting. She has been showing her talents through the small screens for a while, but it has been reported that she told people around her, "I think 'Take Care of Us, Captain' might be my last drama as an actress."

Goo Hye Sun is currently playing Han Da Jin, a novice pilot, in "Take Care of Us, Captain." Before she started this drama, she stated, "I know people say that I look the same in every drama. They might get sick of the same type of character that is portrayed through myself every time." Then, she was asked why she chose this particular role that seems so similar once again. To that she answered, "I wanted to hear, 'If Goo Hye Sun is in the drama, it will be piece of work that is filled with dreams and hope.'"

However, despite Goo Hye Sun's optimistic outlook, the viewers' responses were lukewarm to cold. Viewers are saying that her acting in previous dramas such as "The King and I," and "Boys Over Flowers," seem to be the same. So it's no wonder that Goo Hye Sun's dilemma about this is further escalating.

Goo Hye Sun already has past experiences with short film productions. She started directing with the short film, "The Madonna" in 2008 and continued to direct in full-length films like "Magic," "The Peach Tree," and "You." Her name as a director further rose as she received an invite to the Moscow Short Film Festival.

Sources say, "Since she is an actress with many talents, she has many thoughts. Even on the set of 'Take Care of Us, Captain,' she is called 'Director Goo' since she has so much interest in the production process."

Meanwhile, Goo Hye Sun will participate for the "Take Care of Us, Captain" soundtrack. The track is called, "Fly Again" and it is composed and written by Goo Hye Sun herself. "Fly Again" will be revealed through online music portal sites on February 3.
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