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Unofficial contest: Win 1 month anime membership.
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27 / F / The great not so...
Posted 8/26/11

Lauriet wrote:

Tsubasa_Lover_4Ever wrote:

I already received a 12 month all-access membership for my birthday from my awesome sauce friend so no thanks.

I got mentioned!

Well you did go out of your way to buy something expensive for me so I had to mention it. xD

Your the only friend who ever got me something so expensive it actually shocked me when I saw it in my inbox I was literally saying "ASDKFLJL OMGWTFBBQ SQEEEEEEEE". xD
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24 / F / Wales, UK
Posted 8/26/11 , edited 8/26/11
i'll write you a poem ~ ;)

for when we seek
and gaze and search
for words of which
we cannot find

i hope you see the words that hide
behind her eyes
her smile

she tells a tale
to hard to tell
of times of old
when all was well
and she was but a child

to the past i laugh, yet frown
the me back then for now is not
i wounder how what shaped her life
made me myself today

and so for now my poem ends
its bad i know, but then again
i said i'd do the deed
it's done

to you my my friend,
goodbye im gone XD

Posted 8/26/11
I don't need membership... never really watch my animes in Cr
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25 / Gensokyo
Posted 8/26/11
I'm famous and you know it
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28 / Norway
Posted 8/26/11
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