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Headaches From Songs?
Posted 8/28/11
If it's a crap song, then yes.
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17 / Indiana
Posted 8/29/11
my head also hurts from some miku songs this started recently (20 min. aho actually )
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18 / F / USA
Posted 8/30/11
songs that litterally give me a headache? that would be, when i turn on the car radio and a good song is just ending so u leave it on that station. then the next song is some rubbish repetative rap nonsence. you try pulling thru it, but the loud booming and the same lyrics over and over again makes your head feel like its going to explode, "alright i've had enough of that rubbish" *flips to a different channel. ironically has ads playing* *sigh* "much better!"
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