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Write a letter to your younger self
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Posted 9/27/11
don't be too serious..
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25 / M / Texas
Posted 9/27/11

animony wrote:

don't be too serious..

y she gotta beat me... Y SHE GOTTA BEAT ME?!?!?!

*rolls back and forth*

Release me of my pain...
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25 / M / Texas
Posted 9/27/11

TeddyoOo7 wrote:

Dear little Teddy,

You are gonna be so fine when you grow up big and strong.

Think again, numbnuts.
Posted 9/27/11

Zybba wrote:

Dear younger me,
Never touch the computer.
Sincerely, The Insomniac

xD this made me smile.

Dear younger me,

Leave now and never look back.

Sincerely, Older you.

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20 / F / Anywhere you arn'...
Posted 9/27/11
dear younger me,

don't take the meds for your cholesterol issue.
it'll only give you anemia.
and it will be very unpleasant.

sincerely, your older self.
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23 / M
Posted 9/27/11 , edited 9/27/11
Dear dumbass
Listen up very carefully, okay. I'm going to tell you what happened to me in the future and I don't want you to make mistakes. Alright, here we go. Don't date girls online, believe me you shouldn't do it. It will screw you up for sure, trust me. I've been there and it's not good. And don't take love seriously, take it easy and enjoy your younger life. If you do that then my future will change too. Our future will change. And don't date 3 girls at the same time. Also don't be stupid, try to be smart whatcha plan to do. Goodbye Little Tommy. PS: Love hurts, flirt with girls but don't date 2 girls at the same time. Just telling ya dumbass.

Just listen what've told you, okay? Goodbye now.
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22 / F
Posted 9/28/11
Dear me a few months ago,
Don't like him. Trust me. Wait.
Also, you're not going to die. So stop worrying. Be kind to yourself.
Posted 9/28/11
5 21 28 31 34 1 2

Results of Euro Millions on September 9th 2011. Enjoy your €147,365,853.

See you in a few weeks.
Posted 9/29/11

Posted 9/29/11
Dear past me,

Don't put yourself up with those crappy ideals you got from shows,
And chill, never forget to think of the present and you'll enjoy your
3 years of high school, I tell ya.
Oh, and don't waste too much money on online games. I'm regrettin'
all those cash you know.

See ya.
Posted 9/29/11
Dear you,

You were freaking snazzy, although you are socially awkward.

Love, you know who.
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Posted 9/29/11
Dear 4yr old me,

In about three months, kick your mother in the stomach as hard as you can.


PS - It wasn't a sister.
Posted 9/30/11
hey there kiddo,

don't sweat it. you'll turn out alright. enjoy everything and be happy.
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23 / F / Wales, UK
Posted 10/1/11 , edited 10/1/11
Dear Gabii

keep up your smile and optimism, say no when he asks you out ~ don't "give him a chance" like your friends tell
you, you told him you did not like him in the beginning and went on the worst date of your life...ever.
don't worry tho your still good friends with him and it stops being awkward after awhile ~
Uni is going to be amazing ~ i've already chosen where were going and are gonna live, you'll love it.
Keep waiting for the right guy, after hearing so many stories about other girls lost it to jerks remember your waiting for a good guy,
with you the nice guy won't finish last ~ i assure you, bad guys weren't really your type anyway i know now that its the cute, smart ones
that make you laugh and don't mind your addition to tea and strumming on guitar like phibbie buffay off of friends XD
i bet he'll fight you over what is better tho in terms of tea or coffee but no worries Tea will always be the most awesome ~

also study harder 1 A is not good enough girl ~ when you know you can do better if you'd had studied more!! i expect 2 this year ~ okii
your going clubbing for the first time this year ~ be sensible, you don't like the idea of getting off your face anyway, tipsy is fine at least then
you know whats going on ~ and you can have fun with out drinking anyway, you'd rather dance the whole night away ~ see Prom, Williams 18, Sians 18 ect ect ~

continue with the natural hair thing/ natural shampoo thing ~ its so worth it, your hairs never looked so healthy!!! ;)
yes ^ as a result of this your mates thinks your more like a hippie than ever just without the sex and drugs

about your nose piercing ~ yes you got it done behind your folk back and they were cool with it in the end so don't worry and
it really suits you ~ oh and you better start getting better at surfing you hear me!!! ~ i know its awesome and all but you still need to learn
to stand up for more than a few secs you ninny!!! ~ you've got a job too by the way and you get to learn japanese in uni too!! i know it epic right?

anyway enjoy life ~ its gonna be good xxx your older self

~ Gabii xxx

ps you ramble on too much on forms stop it ~ XD
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27 / F / Greensboro, North...
Posted 10/1/11
Dear Young Me

I Just wanna say to u that i love u no matter how many times ur heart gets crushed and no matter how many fight u endured and no matter how many times u ran away just know that i will love u

Sincerely Shalita Lynn

P.S. Leave Brent Alone!!!!!!! Worst Mistake Ever EEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWW
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