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What kind of gaming keyboard is the best for RTS?
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Posted 11/13/11 , edited 11/13/11
It's understandable, steelseries does have a reputation for reliable peripherals, and they do have a very strong community.
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22 / M / Vancouver, Canada
Posted 12/9/11
honestly i think any keyboard is fine as long as you like it, i use the steel series 6gv2 though
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26 / M / Sheffield
Posted 12/23/11
i use razer blackwidow ultimate
glowing is
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22 / M / Queens / New York
Posted 12/27/11

Ten4 wrote:

What kind of gaming keyboard is the best for RTS like Starcraft 2? I know it is a personal preference but I just wanna see what kind of keyboard does people have or recommend for Gaming RTS,.

I'm planning to buy Razer Lycosa Gaming Mechanical Keyboard but I don't really know if it is worth it. In any case i wanna get an idea what kind of keyboards are good.

i recommend the Razor Anansi Gaming Keyboard. its about $100 but its pretty much worth it. Their is no Lag when you play and its great wether you want to play TF2, Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, or any FPS. its also bult for MMORPG's as well.

their really isnt much any cons on this keyboard since its been really good for me for the past year and can last a whle if you take good care of it and not rage 24/7.

to back up on a good mouse as well you can try the Steelseries Ikari Lazer Gaming mouse or the Logitech G700 wireless gaming mouse.
Pros: (Steelseries Gaming mouse)
No Lag
Lazer works on any surface (if you dont have a pad)
works with any computer (usb connecter)

this mouse work up to Windows Vista.... so if you have windows 7 dont buy it.

Pros: (logitech mouse)
Provides you with game-changing precision at any hand speed
13 programmable controls (if you can costomize your gameplay
Light lag (if your too far away from the usb connector)
works up to Windows 7

Not MAC compatible
Shape kills hand for FPS (comfort isnt that well)
2 different wireless cord (might cause hassle if you have lots of usb connections)
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Posted 3/28/12 , edited 3/28/12
I will suggest you logitech keyboard for better use which works good when you play games but remember you need to take some malware protection so take Malware Removal for better gaming support.
Posted 4/12/12
Razer Black Widow is the best in my opinion, a great value for money and its not too expensive for a mechanical keyboard. Also Razer just make sweet and solid products.
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Posted 6/6/12
Just get a das keyboard, pro level dude :p really though some razer keyboards are kind of overpriced for what they are, mechanical is the only true way to go if you're serious about rts in my opinion.
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Posted 6/17/12 , edited 6/17/12
personally i like corsair products .. but thats just me.. i built a decent gaming rig and have a lot of corsair stuff in my system they work great have not had any issues with them what so ever.. i currently have an corsair M60 gaming mouse .. and they also have a mechanical keyboard made just for fps style games .. and you can get them for around 100 bucks .. i like it better then the razors my friend has..
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Posted 6/19/12
I use the Corsair K90. I have been semi-professional in Starcraft 1, won some LANs and attended a WCG, then later played tons of WC3, now some SC2 with lots of FPS. I personally like Razer products but I have to say for its price, Corsair's K90 is very well built. Cherry MX Red is awesome and the brushed aluminum doesn't sacrifice any style. The only downside is that ESC and F keys as well as some keys like Insert aren't mechanical, but I can live without that. For a Blackwidow Ultimate Stealth edition I'd have to pay much more to get not many more features. I recommend this one myself.

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Posted 6/20/12 , edited 6/20/12
Why would you use a specialized hardware on say, a keyboard? I have been playing games (although I focus on shooters, not RTS, but the principle stand all the same) for 15 years, and regularly top any server I join. And guess what--I use a run of a mill PS-2 keyboard (for you young folks, that's the type of connection that we use before USB comes to be). Still using one right now, and still owning faces with it.

Keyboards are not like mouse. All types of keyboards do not move, hence their weight does not matter. All keyboards also have basically the same button (and if you find yourself wanting more than the standard 40-odd buttons that a keyboard offer, you're lying to yourself).

To pick a keyboard for performance, try pressing the keys. Good keyboards will click the way you prefer (some likes it more mushy, other likes a satisfying, mechanical click like old-school typewriter). Don't worry about number keys or direction buttons--your main hand is on your mouse, so you will never use them.

You might want to get a programmable keyboards, but I find them to be more hassle than they're worth, since you have to worry about compatibility with software. Also, they aren't worth jack in RTS games.

Ergonomics doesn't count either, since as far as gaming goes, you only rest one hand on it, so angle of the keyboard almost doesn't matter at all. (If your keyboard feels wrong on your hand, adjust the table and your armrest, because that is where the real problem lies).

Other than that, pick one that looks good in your mind.
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Posted 6/20/12 , edited 6/20/12
Keyboards do make a difference if you play at a high enough level. If I am performing at 400 APM (many players will peak way higher than 400 during intense situations) during an intense micro war in Starcraft, a run-of-the-mill PS2 keyboard may not be able to register all of my commands. Further, if I am playing games that requires key combinations or simultaneous presses, a mechanical keyboard will always have an edge over a non-mechanical keyboard. Having played at professional levels, I can tell you that the mechanical keyboard helps with my play. They are more responsive, require less force to register, and most have a high grade of anti-ghosting which is very useful for hardcore gamers.
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Posted 6/21/12
it does't matter what equipment is, i don't play many rts's as fps's, but i use(last 2 months): steelseries 6GV2 (reason: Gives more random movement, don't make fingers hurt pounding on keys, can spam all i want and its heavy) before this i used any $20 membrane:

Guide i used:
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