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Manga adapting anime filler characters
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Posted 9/1/11
Reborn, Eyeshield, Gintama, One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, and Fairy Tail. Of these popular manga and other manga, have there been any of their anime filler characters found their way in becoming actual manga characters (There was that one Naruto guy with the bubble pipe that was similar to one of the Jinchuuriki)?
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Posted 9/1/11
Well, to be fair. that one 'guy with the bubble pipe' wasn't a filler character, the Jinchuuriki had all been designed previously and released as a line-up piece of art., and he was simply used in one filler arc. rather than invented for the purpose.

I haven't heard of what you describe happening with any of the shonen series, but I do think some of the niche monthly manga have had characters from their games or VNs introduced into the manga proper due to popularity... I'm no expert though, just counting down to the next poster going 'WELL ACTUALLY I THINK YOU'LL FIND' xD
Posted 9/1/11
Well I don't know but in the Toriko anime they have this annoying reporter lady thats just there to drag stuff out and she's not in the manga at all but in one chapter she showed up as a cameo a little after the anime came out. I don't think anyone thats a Toriko fan really likes her...
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