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Are you competitive?
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M / Cali
Posted 5/20/12 , edited 5/20/12
I can be competitive, not for the fact that I hate to lose, but to face a challenge.
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106 / M
Posted 5/21/12 , edited 5/21/12
I despise losing, why? Cause when I lose, I see the satisfaction on my opponent faces. Even if its an game like WoW or Diablo III(never played these games) I would hate to damn lose! It taunts forever and I just get pissed. I LOVE IT though! When I lose, I try again only to win and kick their asses I know no such thing as ''losing''
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54 / M / wisconsin
Posted 5/21/12 , edited 5/21/12
I don't really care about winning, although it is fun sometimes to compete and participate. I care more about creating.
Posted 5/21/12 , edited 5/22/12
i hate losing ._.
Posted 5/22/12 , edited 5/23/12
God... I wish I weren't but unfortunately, i am it pisses me off sometimes...
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25 / F / somewhere over th...
Posted 5/23/12 , edited 5/24/12
I hate losing
I wish that i didn't care
but i end up not wanting to give up and i get pissed off if i lose
Posted 5/25/12 , edited 5/25/12
I love playing games. I might just be luckier, because im there to have fun.
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24 / M / California
Posted 5/25/12 , edited 5/26/12
I am competitive when it comes to gaming, things that I like. When it's about something that I don't like, I could care less.

Although I do like winning, I do not want to come in first place, because first place attracts too much attention, so I would rather be in second place or even 3rd place.
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22 / F / Studying at home.
Posted 5/26/12 , edited 5/26/12
I am the most competitive person i know. At a meet i got 2nd in the 400m race and i cried about it, and im too competitive to play a game of doubles tennis...
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26 / M / Missouri
Posted 5/27/12 , edited 5/27/12
I really hate to lose to ppl but if it happens it happens...even though I'll probably still be a little agitated
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45 / M / Philadelphia, PA
Posted 5/27/12 , edited 5/28/12
Posted 5/30/12 , edited 5/31/12
Not sure. I just go with the flow mostly but it's fun to win.
Posted 6/1/12 , edited 6/1/12
I wouldn't say competitive as I don't mind winning or losing. Enthusiastic? Yes. Competitive? I wouldn't say so.

I like things to be slightly more relaxed. A healthy competition gives one the drive to succeed but also dignity and pride if it doesn't go the way they expected it to. There's a difference between being competitive to being an ass.
Posted 6/1/12 , edited 6/1/12 me, winning isn't everything, never has been & never will be
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21 / M / Stockton, CA
Posted 6/1/12 , edited 6/2/12
Most of the time competitive , but also most of the time I just don't give a ball about it
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