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Post Reply Anime going way off the Manga
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Posted 9/20/11 , edited 9/20/11

jewell815 wrote:

whoa that is very different i have feeling i will prefer yukio in the manga over the and the anime seems rushed don't u agree

rushed? Hmm. I don't know. But I can't wait to see what would happen in the next episode. But it is odd that we would have 2 filler episodes. Then the granddad shows up. Now he's trying to kill Rin. That is not in the manga. Yeah. I prefer manga Yukio over anime Yukio. Anime Yukio is BORING. He is the same way all the time. He is so dull and boring. Yukio in the manga is more interesting.

Like the scene where Rin burned Yukio and Shura's clothes off in the anime??? In the manga, Yukio said something like,"I never liked you. I've always despised you." To Shura. and just recently, I read him saying something like he has low-expectations of her.

You know, he was really talking down to her XD So, yeah. Yukio is more of a jerk in the manga. I like it. Because at least he's HUMAN. In the anime, Yukio is like a robot.

Oh. and you are going to love this. Bon has strong Red flames.

Rin has strong blue flames. Bon has strong Red flames. It's like they are living parallel lives, sorta. XD

Oh. and Rin's dad, Shiro. and Bon's dad Tatsumu (sp) know each other. Bon's dad saved Shiro's life.

Now. I'm gonna read Chapter 28 ^^

Hey, I think you're going to like this picture. It's pretty ^^

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Posted 10/5/11
It has. the manga and anime are almost completely different from then on.
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