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Post Reply ComiPo! Manga Creation software now on sale!
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29 / M / Calgary, AB
Posted 11/27/13
Just thought I'd upload the latest comic I made today on here, just to share my Canadian-ized manga comic. XD

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40 / F / NS, Canada
Posted 1/12/14
Sorry to revive dead/old thread but...I was so excited that this program was on sale today! I snagged that, a steal with my $15 credit from Black Friday and some paypay I've had for a while :). My daughter will be THRILLED! She is always making things with the trial and I've been dying to be able to use male characters
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Posted 3/16/15

$50 and then up to $24 for the different item thanks id rather learn to draw with pencil and that price i'm surprised this software is not torrented to bits, cant remember seeing it on the anime sites.

the design is pretty generic, its ok not grate........for the price i would want a better quality........very similar to the stock animation creation suits that were all over the youtube a couple of years ago........but if it gets more kids into making their own Manga then fair balls to them, just wish it the quality was a little better they will probably bring out a HD pack and charge $40 for it.
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