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Posted 9/15/11 , edited 9/22/11
UAN was formed before the S.C.C era from the assimilation of the old Iran, Iraq, Mexico and most of the north regions of South America, during the war of the Southern conflict. They sent troops to calm rebels, help rebuilding or to fight a war. Those nations all became part of the United State after a united vote agreeing to form this alliance if 60% of the population or higher voted yes. With two in power in their military, they where able to be the first to colonize space starting the 3 World War. There space fleet were so strong that other nations where no match and they are very proud of space fleet for being the strongest that they were idolized as elite soldiers called Space Marines. Out of all nations, they have the best economic military strength but their mobile suits are outdated.

You got to chose a division, you got 2 main choice.



I'll add more later so if you want to chance just tell me.


Character Name:
(military or civil)
Job: (choose one in the spoiler)
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