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Post Reply How many Code Geass characters/fans does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
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Posted 9/17/11 , edited 9/17/11

* Lelouch to screw the lightbulb in after secretly taking it from Britannia

* CC to put the old lightbulb instead of the new one Lelouch took so no one would suspect anything

* 1 person to post about it on Crunchyroll

* 1 person to post a link to that post on other forums

* 20 Black Knights to worry that Lelouch is screwing the lightbulb recklessly and could get them discovered

* Rolo to defend Lelouch's lightbulb-screwing ways

* 15 Britannians to doubt that Lelouch screwed the lightbulb in the first place

* 30 people to try and screw in the lightbulb just like Lelouch

* 8 to state that Light Yagami would have screwed the lightbulb in a smarter way

* 25 to reply to those comments

* Milly to set up a lightbulb-screwing club at Ashford Academy

* Shirley to be the first member who joins it

* Schneizel to understand how Lelouch got hold of the britannian lightbulb

* Nunnally to refuse to believe that Lelouch would actually be able to change a lightbulb

* Diethard to write an article about Lelouch screwing in the lightbulb

* 45 Elevens to have desperate conversations with each other about what ripercussions the lightbulb-screwing might hold towards them

* Anya to post 5 pictures from her cell phone of Lelouch screwing in the lightbulb

* 3 people to post those scans on photobucket

* 83 people to download those pictures

* 16 to use them as their avatar

* Kallen to break into a wall with a giant robot after discovering that Lelouch and CC were involved in the screwing together

* Tamaki to claim he was there when the lightbulb was screwed in since he's "best friend" with Zero

* 26 yaoi fangirls to write fanfics about Lelouch, Suzaku and a faulty lighbulb

* 22 people to join a community dedicated to discuss Lelouch's lightbulb changing strategies

* Tohdoh and Ohgi to criticize the selfishness of Lelouch's reasons for choosing said lightbulb and screwing it in

* 192 people to blame it on Suzaku
Posted 9/17/11
The sad part is this is all true. Every little bit of it.
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