Anime Syracuse 2011 Report
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Posted 9/19/11
At it was Anime Syracuse 2011 where it was a blast of an event! From Costume Contests to an artists and dealers room to the Crunchyroll Cafe that showed many of this site's shows like Usagi Drop, Digimon and Go Lion, it was a very fun event.

This is just part 1 of the report this time as the written part that will include a lot of the weekend's events and happenings will come soon as it's worked upon. For this part, you can already look at the links to photos and video collections that will be progressively updated too with Anime Syrcause stuff!

For photos and videos from Anime Syracuse 2011 (excuse any that need sign in to see but you can sign up easily to check those ones on their respective sites) you can check out pictures of the event at!/media/set/?set=a.1972052469901.2096382.1500694515&type=1 or or right at this site at under Con Photos.

As for videos for now check out and scroll to check at the end of the list for all the latest videos!

Come back for the con report and special thanks to Crunchyroll for being at the convention too with their awesome videos and free postcard giveaways about their site and shows!
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Posted 9/26/11 , edited 9/26/11
Thanks for the patience, here's the convention report now!

Anime Syracuse 2011 from September 16-18

Welcome back as the 404s once again graced Anime Syracuse for the second year in a row at the Art and Home Centre on the NY State Fairgrounds! There were two shows this year, an early afternoon starter then the big one that was integrated before and after the Costume Contest with even a warm-up show (which was really more of the good warming everyone up!) that led into a bigger 2 hour extravaganza with fellow comedic guests +2 Comedy whose trio brought American laughs with our Canadian hilarity to make up pretty much a geeky good time!

The first show with the cast of 7 that came across the border was an hour show of about 40 audience members that grew to about 70 as time went on and more people came from other events or just got to the con. There was some advice from the 3 headed Dr. Know-It-All on how to clean washrooms (with help from a kind staff member as one head), Songs from a Priest Lawyer, and a PSA Hey You, Down There on how to train Pokemon...with VIOLENCE! A person was interrogated for posting pictures of a cop’s wife on 4chan while killing Paris Hilton in Hyrule, Sportscasters called the slow motion running from the Donkey Kong, and there was more audience participation with Living Scenery involving a crashing airship and some creative tents and parachutes that were created from female volunteers.

The Costume Contest needed some prelude as the Main Stage Theatre was filling, so the 404s warmed up the crowd with a little Press Conference about Naruto coming out of the closet, and World’s Worst examples of football teams and cheerleaders that ended up mainly being the Dallas Cowboys. The second show room really filled up over the time of the entire pre-show at about 50 to the warm-up and then big show for 100 plus mix of families and young con-goers. By then the +2 Comedy actors came to do a few Schwarzenegger impressions that for 3 shows now got the suggestion of Arnold vs. A Rock, then a scene of Dead Bodies, and Freeze Tag that involved fights of ever growing opponents. Later on there was a scene of assisting vocal Pillars where I and the three +2 Comedians setting up a wedding proposal between a fish fry worker and his Jewish gal whose copper engagement ring was stolen by pirates, then Movie Director that I directed for a movie in Space with a captain on fire with his monkeys flying on narwhals. At the end I got mine back in Moving People in a flying lesson that somehow ended up me being positioned into a pony and finally a dragged snake that made me taste like burning by the finish. The 404s also did a few scenes like 3 Idiot Mikes flying across to give new scene offers to a lab professor and his assistant learning the lessons of yaoi, falling bats and how to find romance in between Rick Rolls, a dating game where my choices were an ex-girlfriend, GLADOS from Portal and Excalibur from Soul Eater, a welcomed extended version of Questions Only with Doctor Who, his assistant and a talking Tardis and maybe the best version yet of Look-Look Away between 2 treasure hunters in a castle who came together in glistening looks each time the music from Aeris’ theme from Final Fantasy 7 played. The show came to a gigantic end with Scenes suggested from the fans in a hat for short skits of topics like Doctor Who becoming a woman, anime characters serving fast food, how bad odour can be a good for some moments, thoughts of the audience and bad additions to Marvel vs. Capcom 3. By the end the packed theatre house was a blast and big props go to all that came once more to make it an enjoyable time for all!

The convention also held a Geek Comedy Panel with the guest comedians, part of their Laugh Track theme which was quite large both on the panel table and for about 60 filling the room to listen. Inspirations from meeting guests at other cons to funny recollections were shared with all there. The con had lots of other events in the Art and Home Centre like the Crunchyroll Cafe showing anime from their site, other panels with the guests, and a large gaming room with both free play and tournaments for video and collector card games (CCGs). Overall attendance was up over 600 attendees from last year so hopefully next time with more familiarity in the same place having moved too from last year they keep that trend up!

Between shows I played in the Play the Game free Yu-Gi-Oh CCG tournament, my first tournament like the Pokemon one at Conbravo in years. Between being rusty and using much older cards that were still legal in advanced formats, I went 2-3 in this tourney’s case, though unlike the Pokemon CCG tourney each round was a best 2 out of 3 and aside 1 bye I always took rounds to the third game so at least skill wise I was still not that bad. I played against quite a few type of decks, losing to a spirits/warrior deck, a Lava Golem/token deck and a Blackwing deck before beating an Angels deck. It started as an 18 person tournament that got down to about 10 staying for the whole thing, so I ranked 8th overall. Like for Pokemon it’s good to get some tourney experience while meeting some neat competition who even had some new iPod app to calculate scores which helps in this particular CCG due to scores starting at 8000 and getting dicey on the math at times. I ran my Legendary Ocean deck and hope to tweak it with some of the new purchases and some other cards at home now.

My collection of new treasures gathered from this event was:

-I got a gift from a friend-a new Totoro hat (Oh ho ho ho ho ho!) to add to my newly growing collection.
-From the card dealers I got a few items such as the Pokemon Black and White: Emerging Powers Toxic Tricks starter deck along with 1 new booster, then a Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds booster from Extreme Victory with a whole new starter deck called Dawn of the XYZ. They also had hard to find candies like my hard Litchi candies which I got a bag of along with more Hi-Chew my friend got me hooked on and some Pocky.
-From the Crunchyroll Cafe there were free postcard flyers I like for wall posting. This time they gave away ones for Noir, Hetalia World Series and Yu Yu Hakusho.
-Many buttons and key chains from artists in the alley for Charmander (Pokemon), a Moogle (Final Fantasy), Totoro (Oh ho ho-the new collection along with gathering Moogle-themed items continues!), Etna from Disgaea, Izumi & Sig Curtis from Full Metal Alchemist, and Black & White Cabbits from Tenchi Muyo.
-From a raffle run by +2 Comedy, I got a bunch of stuff in a school bag with Sebastian from Black Butler on it which I gave to one of my troupe members into the series. I kept the Sonic the Hedgehog canteen which I wanted the most, a pack of Speed Racer collector cards (one of the troupe cosplayed as Speed Racer), a bookmark, a graphic comic for Peter Parker Spider-Man: One Small Break, The Lost Journal of Indiana Jones, their show CD, A-Dork-Able show on DVD, a back rub and the other neat item-a Mickey Mouse bobblehead doll from Kingdom Hearts.
-On the trip back got a penny shaped and squished by a special moulding machine; too bad the setting was on the NY Yankees logo being a Toronto Blue Jays fan (maybe next year we’ll make the playoffs...) but it’s still a neat item. Beat the trip to the Duty Free store for the first time for myself where I’m not into alcohol, fancy purses, smokes or jewellery so the only intriguing thing seen there was a drink skull that one friend said would make for a great Tic-Tac holder. Got to love thinking outside the box, poor Yorick!

There was a BONUS collection list of things this bewildered Canadian got at the Wegman’s on the Sunday home that for the most part we cannot get in Canada:

-3 bottles of Cherry Coca-cola & 1 bottle of Minute Maid Fruit Punch as a special
-2 boxes of Keebler Elves Club Crackers & 1 box of the Peanut Butter Cookies
-1 bag of Willy Wonka Chocolates
-1 very affordable rotisserie chicken
-A Fruit Roll Ups variety pack (which others in the car got too for making funny moustaches)
-Captain Crunch Peanut Butter Cereal (the others got tons of boxes of the Boo Berries, Count Chocula & Frankenberry)
-Kellogg’s Frosted Grape Pop Tarts
-Peter Pan Peanut Butter (I guess you can tell I like my PB)
-Doritos Chips Taco-flavoured which are like many of the items not in Canada
-A daring purchase of Chocolate Peanut Butter Bugles which tasted good as a salty sweet treat!
-A jug of Apple Cider from Wegman’s

I also got a few other remedial items for the house which kept me at a very affordable cost compared to home so thanks USA for another grand purchase time! I even got samples of Wegman’s soda (so odd to call it soda since we call it pop) and something called ‘broccolich’ which I think was some odd mutant broccoli/spinach deal. Everyone met though was so nice from store workers to all the locals.

Once more one can’t stress enough what a lovely stay it was as the Anime Syracuse staff treated us generously and kept us in another fine hotel that had once more its own kitchen, a shared Laundromat, daily continental breakfast buffet area, computer lab and even TVs in the bedrooms-all on the house and not seen for the majority of Canadian hotels in my experience travelling. Also enjoying perks the USA gets from Golden Girls and Inu Yasha on late night TV to ESPN, Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon channels we get only in Canadian knockoffs (it was nice to finally see the new Thundercats), it was a good time had by all. Oh and in the Cafe for guests the giant oatmeal M & M cookies with ramune soda were most refreshing!

There weren’t too many new photos up though here’s some from the Asian Snacktime I got some of my treats from at to go along with my usual places to post here at under Con Photos (you might need to sign-up for Crunchyroll to see but hey it’s free and lets you see all sorts of new and old anime). Videos again can be found for the 404s at as more new videos are uploaded too for remembering the laughs! There are also just Eastside Canada videos at to check at the end of the playlist for new videos as they come along too. Thanks to all for reading and enjoy!
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