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M / somewhere in the...
Posted 4/16/14

deadpanditto wrote:

jaggedjaw wrote:

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Fav film titles that are similar to what I would like to be recommended:
Army of Darkness, Starship Troopers, almost any Tim Burton movie.
Genres that I wish to be recommended:
Anything that isn't romance.
Surprise me.

Looks like you enjoy horror + humor. Have you tried "Tucker & Dale vs. Evil"?

No, but I'll look into it.
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Posted 5/16/14 , edited 5/16/14
This isn't really a recommendation but I often use this website to see which movies are playing on TV currently and currently popular TV shows.
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14 / M / Hyrule
Posted 27 days ago
I would recommend "Battle Royale" as for it is similar to the Hunger Games
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