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Posted 9/24/11
It was such a good watch, originally started watching on Cartoon Network. I then said F this and downloaded all the episodes. I would buy all the good series if I could.

Loved the story telling format and the story overall. I seems alright at first, but it has soo much to it. You later realize how good the show really is. Thumbs Up.
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Posted 11/6/11 , edited 11/6/11
I liked this series a lot too, and actually bought the whole series on DVD a while back (I think it cost me more than $100). I don't regret doing it, but one thing that bugs me about series based off light novel series like this one (or Suzumiya Haruhi, or Spice and Wolf etc...) is that it seems very unlikely that the anime series will ever depict the complete story, i.e. span the narrative covered in the light novels themselves. The anime might get renewed for another season or two if we're lucky (though for Moribito in particular, it seems this one series is it), and maybe cover the first several volumes, but that will be all. The light novels themselves, meanwhile, don't seem to make it across the ocean to the U.S. in English translation much (or perhaps slowly, and in limited printings)-- maybe just don't sell well enough to be worthwhile for publishers here. I guess I'll never find out what happens with Balsa and the others (or whether Holo sticks with Lawrence in the end or finds her homeland etc...). Too bad...
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