Post Reply do you think sasuke sucks
Posted 9/24/11 , edited 9/25/11
no i dont think so the only thing that sucked about him was betraying naruto and the whole village
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On Mother Earth
Posted 9/24/11 , edited 9/25/11
yes becase he betrayed naruto
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i think you guys are too harsh on sasuke for leaving the village. i mean we all have our rebellius fase right. but wat do you espect him to do email naruto. hu wonder how that would be like maybe somthing like this
sasuke: yo u hokage yet
naruto: not yet but believe it. so how r u
sasuke: well orochimaru raped me twice yesterday and i think he put a shadow clone on my curs mark
naruto:sooo were r u again
sasuke: 4 the last time im not teling u we're supposed to be enemies.
naruto: so why do u keep emailing me
sasuke: ur my only friend
so no i dont think he sucks (that much)
Posted 9/25/11 , edited 9/25/11
sauke is a good fighter
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