Live Action Mini Film
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Posted 9/28/11 , edited 9/28/11
I haven't seen this posted anywhere but wanted to share.
This is a short film made by a small dedicated group who take pride in their love of Naruto.

Part 1 was just released 09/26/11 with Part 2 following very soon.

It's very good! show some support so we can see more small film makers take risks like this.

O and how do I recommend this for the Pulse?
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Posted 9/28/11
Wow... I saw that and that was AMAZING! I hope a lot of people see that because that was really well done!
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Posted 9/29/11

I was telling an friend of mine that someone will make an live action movie of Naruto, but couldn't remember who tho.

They must been true fans too. that was well played even word by word, even the rasengan, clones.

Next clip, I hope Naruto unleash Kyuubi n Rock Lee as his bad ass mode ^^
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Posted 5/22/13
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