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Posted 9/28/11
R U L E S :

»» Please, limit the requesting to two a day.

»» The image you want used must be above 500x400 pixels!! As in HIGH quality pictures, please.

»» Please be patient when you request. It will take a while for the request to be done. [ Due to schoolwork and such ]


»» QUOTE this post if you want your request done, or else it will be skipped.

»» Don't start a full blown conversation! Maybe two comments concerning your avatar or if we missed something on it.

»» DO NOT ask for a certain mod to do it! It's playing favorites and that is rude to do!

F O R M :

»» Username:

»» Name:

»» Text // Words Wanted:

»» Photo // Photos [ In Spoiler ]:

E X A M P L E S :

queasyRocket :

Avatars ::

Banners ::

Profiles ::
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