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Posted 9/29/11

Icirrus City is a city located in northwestern Unova.
Icirrus City is connected to Twist Mountain to the southwest, and Route 8 to the east. To the north of Icirrus City lies the Dragonspiral Tower.

The majority of Icirrus City's buildings are located on high ground, due to the surrounding area being in a wet climate and as such having large puddles containing wild Pokémon. Windmills can also be seen towards the south end of the city. There are Trainers dancing in the middle of the city. The Pokémon Fan Club is below the Iccirus Gym. There are a lot of parasols here except in winter. It always rains here except for winter. The puddles here turn to ice in winter. There are 3 residential buildings here (including a Team Rocket man's house).There is a mysteriously abandoned house here, it is unknown if it is abandoned.

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