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Posted 4/5/14
If the reader of this doesn't mind, I'd like to make a request. A while back, I watched an anime film about a girl(?) in a dystopian possibly-underground place. There were three or four different "zones" in this place and the story, I believe, was following her as she went from sector to sector. The lowest zones were labor and poor ones, where the bottom was, I think, inhospitable for humans, while the top ones were for the higher-class people. It may have been about a conspiracy in their government or something.
Sorry for the shoddy details, but if you know what it is or have some more details, I'd be delighted to hear them. Thank you for your consideration! ^-^
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Posted 4/9/14 , edited 4/9/14
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Posted 4/17/14
Hey peeps,

just got to thinking and was kind of annoyed that living in the north of England, i was missing out on anime movie screenings that usually take place in London.

So was wondering how would one go about setting up a anime movie screening at a local cinemas, the whole process, is it possible? and how difficult would it be.

Any sort of advice would be great !
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Posted 6/2/14

LadyShredder wrote:

Need to have a movie identified. I watched it on tv and really liked it.

So it's about 4-5 people waking up, not knowing where they are (trapped in a room or cellar of some sort). Then there are some chairs and once in a while music comes on and they have to play a game of Musical Chairs. The one who loses have to walk out the door (and when they do they scream and I'm guessing they die).

Now I can't find this ANYWHERE! I don't know if it's low budget or didn't get any attention when it was released but I would like to see it again.

Does anyone know what movie I'm talking about? All I know is that it's american.

I have not seen that movie, but it sounds like this...?

Jack in the Box (2009)

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Posted 7/9/14

munkyhead1 wrote:

Does anyone know if the Rurouni Kenshin Live Action DVD/BluRay will be released in the US? If yes do you know when it will be released?

I don't want to buy the Malaysian version. I want a legit US version with like legit English subs.

Please help me out! Thanks!

when you find this out let me in the info, im dying to see the live action, RK is one of my favorite animes! id love to be able to get a copy of the live action.
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