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Fate/Zero Discussions
Posted 7/6/12
"Do all of you really want... to win that badly...? You all want the Grail that desperately?! You'd crush the only wish I have in my heart... do none of you feel any shame at all?! I won't forgive you... I won't forgive ANY of you for this! All of you monsters who'd disregard a knight's honor for personal gain... let my blood taint your dreams! Let the Grail be cursed! Let the wish it grants bring disaster! And when you fall into the pits of hell... remember the rage of Diarmuid!"
Diarmuid o'Dyna's dying curse

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Posted 7/7/12
It may have been a dying curse, but it wasn't what cursed the Grail.

That's revealed in the Heaven's Feel route in FSN.
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Posted 7/7/12 , edited 7/7/12
Well Anime Expo this year was big on the Fate Zero . My cosplay friend couple were there as Emiya and Saber .

The director Ei Aoki , the producer Kondo san and Koyama san the seiyuu of Emiya was there. It would be nice if the writer Urobuchi sensei was there too.
KOyama san said he had worked on KIritsugu's character for the past 8 years. Eight years !!! He did all the CD DRama version after Fate Stay NIght which he had a small role. He find this character very challenging. Kiritsugu's character is pretty complex . So he made an analogy of Emiya as a Japanese sword , was forged and polished but in the end broke. Emiya as a man of regret.

Koyama san was very nice to his fans. No restrictions with video and pictures. He tried his best to say things in english . He was so much fun. He ran around the panel room and I was able to high five him . I love his voice, its quiet unique.I was a bit late for his panel , I really wanted to ask him a question but I was too late .He answered only a few question becuase his answer are very long but the last question was a request for him to sing this one commercial . IT was fun hearing him sing. Great singing voice.

It was nice to see how the end tied up with Fate Stay Night begining but I really didnt like how that one ended.

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