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Posted 10/1/11 , edited 10/1/11
Heya guys :D

This game works by each person posting (at the most 4 words) so when you read them one after the other it will be a random story- for example:

Person a) Once upon a time

Person b) a noodle

Person c) murdered a tiger

(a terrible example sorry :L)

So hopefully it will come together to make some sort of freaky story! :LL

So, please stick to the these rules:

1) Don't write more that 4 words per post
2) The words you write have to make sense with the post above
3) Don't make the story too rude lol
4) Leave at least 3 post before posting again

Im not gonna start, i'll leave it up to u guys lol- Have fun :DDD
Posted 10/1/11
The butt is the
Posted 10/1/11
best part of
Posted 10/1/11
a woman's body
Posted 10/1/11
because it illustrates
Posted 1/3/12
a hole that
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