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Whats your right age to start SERIOUS dating?
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M / burning embers
Posted 8/13/12
I've always looked at it...I need to be able to wipe my own ass before I try to wipe someone elses. If you understand the gravity of that. vice versa with I can't even feed myself yet, let alone try to feed someone else.
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24 / F
Posted 8/14/12
I only read the first page, so I don't know if anyone has answered like I have, but;
I think it happens naturally, when you really like a person and want to be serious with them, you will. Just be careful when you're really young, when the other's chances of doing the same is low; and especially not 17-23-ish, because people tend to be stupid then.
As in, let's get MARRIED!
That's just what I think, anyway. It'll happen naturally as long as you don't force it.
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27 / In My Own Wonderland
Posted 9/4/12
Till you're 20 or older??
Don't know since I didn't date much DX
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29 / F / UK/Japan
Posted 9/5/12
Serious dating... maybe 40? xD
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33 / M / USA
Posted 9/10/12
Well, Maybe I am different. But I started dating when I was 13. well.... I wouldn't really call it dating though. I honestly don't know what I would call it lol. It was romance, to be certain. But with out the actual dating part.
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34 / F / California
Posted 9/15/12
Serious dating in the form of a relationship should be at whichever age you feel you have out grown 'just' dating and all the silly sitcom misunderstanding feelings.
Basically the age at which you wouldn't feel trapped if you fell in love and one of you wanted to get married, or agree to something marriage like without the paperwork
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32 / M
Posted 10/8/12
there is no proper age to start dating because there are many different variables at play. id say don't look for a serious relationship until your set in life with proper education and work. without those things you cant even expect to survive alone, and with one other person usually you spend more
Posted 10/22/12
At least twenty, when you're out of high school, pursuing a career, and hopefully living independently. Age aside, you should be ready to seriously care for another when you can take care of yourself. I still haven't because I just really don't care to go out with any of the people around me. The person you get into a relationship with must also be mature and self-sufficient enough that they don't stress you and tense up the relationship.
Posted 10/28/12
An age where a calculated average based on everyone's views about the right age of consent is decided.
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22 / M
Posted 11/12/12
The right age for dating is when u actually can have emotions to care for a person
Sailor Candy Moderator
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Posted 2/23/13
Personal thread. Locked
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