Halloween Tale
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Posted 10/6/11

Lucretia the witch noticed the enormous full-moon and thought "this is a great night to work on my pallor!" She walked out in the woods and found a small clearing, noticed a few headstones but didn't think much about it. Although Lucretia is sweet, she's not so bright.

She spread out her blanket and proceeded to rub pallor oil on her lovely skin. If she were more alert she would have noticed rustling noises near her but as it was she was startled on finding herself almost surrounded by the undead. They were admiring her voluptuous figure. She said "hi boys! Nice night." They grunted in reply. As more of them joined they worked closer to her.

She said "guys I don't mind you watching me. Look but don't touch. Lets form a line so that everyone can see me. No shoving, everyone gets their turn! I'll lie on my blanket and you can file past." She sighed and added "please don't get any dirt on me and no worms!" Then she lay back and closed her eyes.
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Posted 10/6/11
No zombie orgy? boring
Posted 10/6/11 , edited 10/6/11
Damn. Nice 0.o At the picture, not the story I didn't bother to read. >_< I'll copy, paste, and save because I just took a math test and I'm too tired to try and process any other information.

I have to report this, sorry, but please read the rules or whatever it is that says you shouldn't make a thread for this purpose. XD Peace.
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