Lets Play Dead Island!
Posted 10/7/11
I just got this game,

Anyone wanna play with me?

Lauriet should said he would co op but he isn't on I think,

Who wants to play?

Surely you won't let me fight the horde by myself right?

my PSN is: Aero-Mach

I'm starting the it now
Posted 10/8/11
I'm guessing no one likes Dead Island,

Can't say I'm surprised.
Posted 10/11/11
The problem for me so far is the auto saving glitch every time i play online with co op setting at one point it'll stop saving my games progress so playing offline is my only option.
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33 / M / london baby
Posted 10/17/11
rented it when it first came out, don't really play on-line. dead island is how a zombie game should be.
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M / Canada
Posted 10/17/11
Same prob with me.. I played for 18 hours and it only saved my first 2 hours.. Kinda depressing when that happens and makes people not want to replay..
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Posted 9/29/12
Locked because OP has nuked.

Anyone, feel free to recreate this topic as your own.
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