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Posted 10/13/11
I'm sure this is a duplicate thread, but with my super searching skills (sarcasm) I couldn't find anything related.

Can anyone from US confirm what the subscription fee is for a month? If I may, I would also like to request a full list of anime series available in the US and EU.

$6.95 Is what we from EU are currently paying for a month of subscription, and if that's what the US members are paying for, then I find it a bit unfair. But if you pay more, then my bad. No complaints from me!

This is not a hate thread so don't come here and flame me down :F Just asking a few harmless questions :D

Question for the administrators. (feel free to answer for those who can)

Will "only in US" series ever be available in Europe?
Yes - Guess i'll wait for them then :<
No - Why not?

Last but least, I would like to give my thanks to the crunchy crew for bringing us the opportunity of watching high quality anime, nice support and the community for their otakuminds, dattebayo


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Posted 10/13/11 , edited 10/13/11
I am pretty sure those from US can watch every single anime on CR. Us from Europe, well it kind of depends on which country your in... but always less then our US brothers and sisters.
As for the monthly fee, I guess it´s the same. Something that this season makes it seem very unfair. With the US/Canada getting 100% of the new shows and most of Europe getting below 40%. And I would really to hear from CR why this season has turned out like this.
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Posted 10/13/11 , edited 10/13/11
Okay. First to answer all your question and concerns regarding your topic.

Yes, US has way more Anime and Drama titles available than anywhere else since Cr is a US base site. I even live in Canada and there are some titles not available for me to view.

As for the whole "Europe" thing. It actually doesn't work that way. Europe is a continent. Some countries in Europe have more titles available than an other. It all depends on which country you reside in and your regional restrictions.
If you want to know more about regional restrictions and why we enforce it, please read this thread:

Regarding price.
Yes, the membership is the same no matter where you live. We've already discussed lowering the membership price for countries that don't have many titles. Unfortunately it was deemed to make the system too complicated and more prone to user confusion and error. If not done properly, it could also be abused by users to get membership at a cheaper price.

As for doing something regarding regional restriction, we will start making domains.
For example:
They don't exist yet and was just an example so don't bother searching for it :P

So if I were you, I'd stick around. We really are trying our best, but it's a slow process and I'm afraid you guys need to bare with us for now.

As for this thread, I'm afraid there's no VS threads allowed. Everything regarding this thread can be discussed in the Help/Support/Feedback forum.

If you have further questions, you're welcome to message me or ask in the forum above.

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