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Posted 10/18/11
I've been thinking about this for two weeks and I can't remember the anime's name.

From what I can remember the basic plot was about a group of children who were searching for their princess who was supposedly reincarnated within the dimension (?) that they were searching in. However they only retained their memories for a period of time before they would have to kill themselves and reincarnate. They wouldn't regain their memories until a certain age upon which their hair color changed (? or it was already that odd color).

The anime was available to Comcast customers through "On Demand". If you know of anything that seems similar to this plot please give me a name.
Thank you for your help.

(Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place, I'm new to CR forums.)
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Posted 10/18/11 , edited 10/18/11
personal threads are not allowed but there is a sticky thread for anime questions like that
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