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Internet Personas
Posted 10/18/11 , edited 12/24/11
The internet give everyone a different persona to adventure in, they're never like they are on the internet, this is a list of internet persona.

Tough Talkers: Often think judgements and cynical comments makes them more complete, and has a time limit to how long they can go without insulting someone, they often use the word "kid", whether or not they know the age of the opponent.

Old ladies: Probably the most common, these types are only female, uses a large number of emoticons and are generally bandwagon jumpers, they share similarities with the Tough Talker, they often use "kid" whether you're older or younger, and may try to use emoticons as a taunt, not as an emotion. Note: "Old Ladies" is a persona, they're not actually always old.

Boiled: They generally think nothing of anyone else and often come off as thinking the internet was made for them, they are passive aggressive and likes to make insults under the table, to make you notice them, they are often found in bold letters, hoping you will catch onto the lowball comment, they aren't fighters, but are certainly one of the most aggressive on this list.

Bats: These are mid range fighters, they don't let the battle drag on, one insult to their pride and they retreat, Bats are often found in controversial topics where they are free to pester people, if they're not found in a controversial topic, they often spouting the word "Kid" more than other types, and usually ending a comment in "Grow the hell up.", if they're not attacking someone under the table, they are found in other topics posting one line comments, putting some demographics at the butt end of their comment, they never use any punctuation like ! and ? unless they are trying to provoke someone.

Dragons: Always looking to shoot flames on the first person that doesn't share their views, they are always on the prowl, looking for a fresh debate, these are often found in the same places as Bats, but Bats stay far away from Dragons, Old Ladies also avoid Dragons in fear of having their pride torn to pieces as the Dragon is good as flames, better than Bats.

Vampires: Often voicing negative opinions and nothing else, they are often found making offensive statements with emoticons following them, hoping to start commotion, the more anger, the more they feel nourished, which is how they got the name Vampire.

Moderators: Nobodies knows what happens to members whenever they get promoted, no moderator to this date has ever been known to say. "I was wrong." Often be found threatening members with bold and underlined insults, demands respect often and feel free to do as they please, they tend to place themselves on a pedestal high beyond members, using moderating as a way to get away from a potentially painful real world life, they act like Tough Talkers, only they feel invincible, never known to make statements and tries to use rudeness to get the majority to obey them.

Princess: Always female, never argue alone, as they depend on someone to rescue them in a losing argument, they are often found running around with their heads cut off, appearing in every topic, and no real fixed habitat, they feel shielded from comments as these girls usually lay and wait to see who jumps up and defend them, usually young males or males equal to them age, manipulates Knights into siding with them, whether or not they agree.

Knight: Often fighting battles for female members, either being a male trying to seem cool, or another female who is trying to help out another girl, these types are plentiful around and defends girls whether they agree with them or not to keep their image of "nice" or "smart", lowball insults include...



And Troll.

Note:Knights do not protect Princess' against known females or moderators

Grammar Nazi: Often scolding other members for intentional acronyms or accidentaal(See that?) key presses, whether they be intentional or not, a Grammar Nazi is sure to be up another member's arsenal as soon as he makes a mistake, they often feel powerful and lesser members praise them and their comment, thinking everyone else would too so they all bandwagon jump on it and it sends a train of hate down the comment section.

Raiders: In an attempt to seem cool, they call out anything/one to get commotion started or to seem witty and intelligent, all they do is crash threads and cause a ruckus, they're the best at it, they tag team with Dragons a lot, and they're raiding skills are unmatched, their very feisty and will try to reply with a cynical comment trying to seem like they have no emotion in their words, commonly found to be younger users, although some old users were caught in the act.

Fortune Hunters: They like to agree with the majority to feel safe, they take immense offense when called a homosexual, they are usually using emoticons to express their emotions when observed, letting them know your presence change their attitude completely from gentle animal to ferocious lion, they do whatever they can to get the majority on their side to feel safe, you can often find contradictions as they pick a side they don't agree with just to "fit in".

Fire Breathers: Often confused with dragons, these type, often female are people who breathes flames and not air, these types are the most dangerous, looking through their comments and statuses, you'll realize they negative 100% and there is no post praising or complimenting anyone other than themselves, they usually make a separate account to further their anonymity, they use their accounts for fire and play with it often, the only time they have a conversation, they use an immense amount of emoticons and still manage to out any demographic at the end of their comment, their words read. "I don't care :D" "So? You're still an immature child! :D" And are never found in a natural habitat, they swarm YouTube, IGN and Crunchyroll more than any other site, safe havens from Fire Breathers are and Ace.Chan.

False King: These types only comment when their's prey, they lead bandwagons and Hate-Trains, they are the Old Ladies heroes, as they often depend on these types, he leads the charge to either gang up on a material or a person, if no one follows him into battle he disappears, this type is never a known female, typically always male, or a female who likes to be seen as male, go to lengths that are extreme to hide their gender, carefully wording their posts, False Kings are usually the first to post to gather soldiers for his war, if no one bites, he disappears.

Note: No one actually knows what they do, they do not quickly reappear in any other topic.

Murderers: Often attacking children or young adults, like making fun of their life and judge them as incompetent retards, their goal is to often have their prey commit suicide, several occasions they are successful, they like to get nitty-gritty details to break people down as well as they can, hoping to break their mental state or leave them in a state of rage, often trashing mothers, family, friends and ultimately lives, these types are incredibly rare, but won't give up a pursuit once a chase has started.

Failure: Often called things like "trolls" and "web masters", This type is plentiful and hard to identify whether or not they're failing, there isn't much to document, they seem to be invincible, if they aren't invincible to logic and reasoning, they're not a failure.

Cats: These are friendly types, they often role play in their comments, usually doing something adorable or hilarious, they are the pursuer when it comes to internet buds, they message you first, they buddy-you first and they're always spontaneous with emoticons and role play, leaving you never bored with their fun, albeit uncreative comments and messages.

Spider: Observe, never post, these users don't actually have accounts on most sites, and if they do, it's just to view the forums, not post, they like to read conversation/flames between the members but never play a part in any discussion, they're stealthy and you message them if they have an account, you'll likely never receive a reply.

Hyena: Usually cracking one to many awful jokes, always makes joke topics and always figure out how to joke about anything, creative jobs that actually make you laugh, they're well versed and are not often caught in controversial topics, they stick to fun and games, not flames and shame.

Naruto: Loud, always ends their comments with ! and will argue if provoked, they don't fear anyone and often use this emoticon >:9, they're always making commotion, whether good or bad, one good post, then is shortly followed by a bad post, making them seemingly dumb, in most topics, whenever they are trying to be funny, they post pictures and gifs you likely seen before.

Lao-Shan Lung: Legend said its the rarest type on the net, none have been seen on any major website, usually they avoid immature children and slightly older users who often spout "kid", they are majestic on the net and are usually well respected, they talk gently and wouldn't think of offending anyone, they don't use too much anonymous filters, they often tell you which state/province they reside in, they usually change what people think "intelligent" is on the net, they can see through see posts but never try to place you in their hands, they are able to smooth talk anyone into letting their feelings out, and curiously, never use it as ammo, they reply to you, not the judgement in their head, and they are well versed in pretty much every topic, don't post without research and are often excellent with people, but they avoid commotion, the only type no one hates.

Slu-Skan-Ho: Often saying what they think you wanna hear, based on your age and gender, they basically bend to whatever shape you want them to be, they seek your approval as they want to meet "friends", and will likely blow your head up, they make their judgement early on, either they love or hate you from the first letter you post, they always use emoticons and generally, whatever you like, magically they like it too.

Note:Only known habitat is, never, ever seen on forums.

Tsundere: Cold persona, they say whatever is on their mind without thinking, they often think less of everyone else but themselves, they blunt and say anything, ruder to males then females, think their smooth but they fail at cleverness, they're short tempered, periodically look for flame wars, sometimes just blow op on people for no apparent reason, they have proprietary thoughts and likes.

Demon: Often wishing the world would end, and often believing the world is gonna end whatever date gets blown up by the media, often saying the most emo, depressing things you ever heard, posting only bad news of kids getting murdered, dog being stabbed to death, and a pot of kittens thrown to a couple of hungry bears, this is pure evil at it's strongest, these people usually post their comments in bold or color and only think(Or post) sad thoughts.

Coo-Coo: Usually males from 20-30 years old, they're often coo-coo(Crazy), emoticons spammers, often found in boards or forums, Myyearbook, IGN and Crunchyroll has had a mass infestation of them for awhile now, they are often found in a forum and start a "conversation" with a reply to a member, often hide psychotic behavior behind smiles and other emoticons, relentless and unexpected persona types, no one really investigated the cause of this mental lockdown, when discussing mental illness in general, they often go rampant and power up into the False King persona, but slightly modified, they avoid punctuation to seem like they're vulnerable and use words like. "Pathetic" are out of a gasping attempt to get to their "Victims"

Note: Only found online, never in reality.

Typhoon: These types don't stick to forums and can be found in a lot of places, they have a primary forum, but they switch every now and then, they don't stay in one place too long before they get board and hit the road for a new forum, these types stick to forums and stays away from social networks to keep their anonymity(Which is importance above all else to them), they generally nice and filled with life, they leave without warning, so liking them is a bad idea.

Feline: Often mistaken for a cat, these type do not roleplay as much, they are generally older teens and young adults, they use emoticons and acronyms in most their posts, they give other members nicknames.

"Laurry" or simply "Aero".

They avoid flames and don't reply to insults or overly sarcastic posts, they generally like you, if you aren't mean to them, if you pursue a friendship with them, you'll likely get your wish.

Homer: Always makes that one idiotic response everyone laughs at, they are weird and have a weird sense of humor, they take everything literal and makes joke out of it, and make seemingly general topics and posts, they don't use punctuation unless its a ?

They usually have funny looking avatars and considers themselves trolls or part-time troll, they just wanna enjoy the internet while annoying people at the same time.

Ninja: Can't be found in the same place twice, they forum bounce more than the Typhoon and only makes very few posts, they love reading good conversations, and they keep most of the comments to themselves, if they cause a flamewar(Accidentally) by stating their opinion, they leave as soon as they got there, they sometimes make attention grabbing posts and checks back to read the reply the replies but shall never post again, they rarely directly talk to people, just make a comment talking to no one in particular and reads the replies, but is gone in a flash, never has name, location or age on their profile, pure mystery.

Engineer: Specifically on the internet for flames and offensive posts, hides in the dark corners of the internet, they forge their own personas on other members, and make blatant attacks on imaginary personalities they try to set you in and forge "evidence" of whatever they want, likely the hardest persona to understand, they are usually liked and well respected due to forged components of their comment.

Onion: These persona are in a moderate amount, they are generally male, only few females(that I know of) use this persona, reading their posts makes your eyes hurt and their arrogance is unmatched, they follow a few simple rules.

"If you don't like what I like, then you can disappear."


"If you don't share my views then you can get lost."

If things don't go the way they want them too, then they explode into the Coo-Coo, they share many similarities with every persona you are likely to come across, but only the bad traits. "Pathetic" and Age are attack basis for all Onions.

Sidekick: The classic usually female member, jumping on hate trains with.

"These comments please me ^^."

Or something along the lines, they typically a favor a good flame war, not so much participate in them, but fuel them none the less, they decide to like every lowball, cynic, passive-aggressive comment they can find, and compliment it because....well, nobody really knows, whenever a flame war starts, they toss pieces of wood into it.

Sage: Likeable and partially lovable, they participate in flame wars, and don't let the hate and flames get to them, they stay cool, calm and focused no matter what, they don't show love during is topics and comments, but have a friendlier, sexier, funner persona if you're enough of a smooth talker to meet them in person or at least over the phone or skype, they'll keep the same persona as comments and forums for about a few hours, then they'll fall into their official personality, usually a really great one.

Note: I ONCE achieved this.... twice.

Cutie: Emoticons are usually, :3, T.T, T3T, and other things that make you think they're adorable, they are generally nice, and very friendly, Even messaging you to come back after you disappeared for awhile, they can and probably will turn into a cellphone buds, and after that, if they are close enough, meeting up is envitable, you'll be drawn in by cuteness.

Viper: You know that one guy/girl who replies to you trying to be a moderators/administrators pet? Yeah, this is it, they are generally emoticon loving people who likes a good explosion, very predator-like and attack you without warning, often a scared bunch, but the best thing to do is avoid them, documenting much more has been hard as traits aren't too distinctive.

Internet Master: That one guy or girl that seems to have entire forums under there thumbs, whenever they make a post, everyone stops and reads it thoroughly and reply too it many times, they have an air of mystery and usually have those of the opposite sex a bit submissive to their whims, they use proper grammar -- try to use proper grammar in most their posts and are quite comfortable doing whatever they want with moderators, administrators and ultimately, members under their influence, they are not necessarily rude, just cocky and never feel wrong, they are not necessarily nice either, this persona is only detected if you're not in a trance.

Internet Puppets: Attack their master/s they'll attack you in fierce hordes of hate, inboxes and notifications explode whenever you say something to their master that does not please him/her, they have no qualities other than sarcasm and near zombie-like.

Mail-Man: Posts topics about news, politics, and strangely enough, deaths, they are the up-to-date members of every community, posting news of music stars, deaths, and mostly bad news, but good here and there, they rarely post again after the first day they post their topic, just reports news and leaves.

Angeloid: A split persona, could be red or blue for you, depending on if you're their master or not. They befriend only one person on the forums, and likes him/her regardless of what other members thinks of their master, they're usually extremely nice to their masters, they are very loyal and likely to get offline if you aren't online, sometimes sit and wait to see if you get online in the next half-hour, they watch-over their master's conversations, in the forums, rooting for them in an argument or defend them whenever the other party in getting too offensive.


Megaton: These are one sided, they pick a side and stick to it religiously, they like to pounce on anyone who doesn't agree with them, often confused with Onions they try to bash you and your opinion as hard as they can and neglect all words thrown their way, they constantly repeat themselves and keep telling you why you're dumb and why you shouldn't be allowed on the internet if you disagree with them.

Digital Princess: Girls highly regarded on certain sites for what they post, interestingly enough, males get no special treatment even if they post exactly what she would say, she's nice, has a very strong following and is super interactive with her fans, only place notable for this is Deviantart and [Cannot say on Crunchyroll], Author sites like and Wattpad has them as well, just not so much, because of being placed of such a high pedestal, you can tell she's deliberately posting information about her fiance and/or male friends publicly, to see how her male fans react.

Monkeys: These are groups that pick a jackass to hang around with and post backing his negative comments up, they hang around and can easily be called his posse, Nothing much else to say.

For Members with enough balls, they should check out legendary douchebag groups, capable of arrogance and ignorance enough to blot out anything you say and they are more than capable of ruining a forum(Or even a website), they're vicious enough to make you wanna leave a website.

Vampire Master: The Vampires have a nest, and this person is the one is charge of all the other ones, you generally see more than one Vampire in a forum, and they're usually great buddies, a good number of Vampires get along well, and the ones that do have a common master, one they all agree with and never question.

Chained Bird: Likes to think they're different from the rest of the internet, they don't like to categorize themselves as they often like to think they're too complex for a "label", they are generally.... bouncy, majority of them are Tough Talkers or Raiders in disguise, though, a number of them are nice, just not a lot.

Flonne: Would rather be part of a forum or board where everyone got along rather than bickered, they're friend list is probably near full and try to like everyone, even replying nicely to people with awful attitudes, they're cool although they may get kind of annoying as they seem happy all the time, they don't hold grudges and often ask how you're doing and how was your day(In PM's anyway.)

Heart: Like Flonne is a love-freak, who likes it when everyone gets along, although they have slightly more backbone, these users are way more inclined to post on your wall, or PM you rather than post in a forum, which is something they rarely do, they use emoticons often in and punctuation and are probably the best at showing emotion on the internet as a whole, as they are one of the only ones who show more than one emotions without having to be your close friend.

Cosmic Evil: Downright malicious, these persona are the most evil and straight to the point, they're usually members, although sometimes moderators, they are only found in forums and not boards, never boards.

They are perfect in what they do, they don't like you? You'll feel it, they don't bash you or flame you like other users, they decapitate you with a Japanese sword, being burned by one of these people isn't the same as the other persona, they're rude, they act like they own the place and pretty much has the entire forum under their thumbs, Moderators and Administrators don't attend to them, and they don't even attempt to moderate, they are completely terrified and hope you can fend for yourself, there's no getting rid of this one, they'll have to be bored to leave because no one has the balls to talk to them.

Twat: Just a brat who runs around and slings insults for no good reason, they are generally a extra kick to an already rude commenter, they are emoticon abusers and often things gifs and pictures irritate the victim so they generally post lots of those, whenever someone says something rude about a person who hurt their feelings they quote it with a simple.


To grab attention for whatever reason.

Master's of Disguise: They say whatever is on their mind, and their profile is usually filled with inaccurate information, sometimes saying they're up to excess of 100 Years old! These users are trolling males or snotty females who are actually around age 13-15, they are very good at tricking you, and it is very hard to predict them, at posts or replies.

Discovered in IGN Forums.

Summon Spirit: Only appears during the worst points in time, and when you reply, you never hear back until they quote you on a different thread, talking like a Tough Talker and with emoticons to spare.

Never talks directly too you, just torments you whenever they see any of your posts, they can be "summoned" by saying something something against the majority's opinion.

Stephen King isn't a good storyteller.

Nintendo doesn't make very good products.

Mac is typically(If not always) better than PC.

Titantic and Avatar were decent movies at best.

Things of the sort would summon at least three at one giving moment, they are a majority's spokesman.

How do you like my internet persona list?

I'm still building it.

Copyright: Aero-Mach

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27 / M / in a world where...
Posted 10/18/11
you forgot Traps
Posted 10/18/11
It seems that I don't fit in any of those on the list.
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21 / M / Stoke, England
Posted 10/18/11 , edited 10/18/11
There are a lot more which seem to have slipped my mind, so hopefully you think of them and add them. Btw, this site probably has more knights and princesses than anything. People around my age or a few years older who can't get a relationship IRL trying to date online. Rofl.
Posted 10/19/11

Moeberry wrote:

It seems that I don't fit in any of those on the list.

I don't mean to be a douchebag, but I highly doubt that.
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21 / M / Stoke, England
Posted 10/19/11 , edited 10/19/11
Oh, now I remember a couple of 'em:

Arrogant Nerds: Pubescent teens who think themselves as intelligent due to high grades at school, who go around forums taking everything seriously, and attempting to debate with serious arguments and long-winded paragraphs, normally complaining about someone else's lack of grammar/spelling/punctuation/sentence structure. They believe that for everyone who is intelligent, it is compulsory to use a large vocabulary, and to take debates on the internet seriously, and if you do not, then you and everyone else similar to you has a below average IQ. When they realize that they're about to make themselves appear to others as moronic, they "end" the "debate" by saying "I'm done here" or "Can we move on now?" To summarize, these nerds have never heard of the term: "laid-back". One example is this thread's creator.

Black Tarantula: A black male who always tries to get in between conflict and end it, and always has the neutral opinion on just about anything. Avoids controversy and the like, but actually has an extremely short temper, only becoming a normal person when somebody calls them out specifically and insults them.

Bellend: The head of a penis.

Morgan Freeman: Sex on legs.
Posted 10/19/11

CarboKill wrote:

Oh, now I remember a couple of 'em:

Arrogant Nerds: Pubescent teens who think themselves as intelligent due to high grades at school, who go around forums taking everything seriously, and attempting to debate with serious arguments and long-winded paragraphs, normally complaining about someone else's lack of grammar/spelling/punctuation/sentence structure. They believe that for everyone who is intelligent, it is compulsory to use a large vocabulary, and to take debates on the internet seriously, and if you do not, then you and everyone else similar to you has a below average IQ. When they realize that they're about to make themselves appear to others as moronic, they "end" the "debate" by saying "I'm done here" or "Can we move on now?" To summarize, these nerds have never heard of the term: "laid-back". One example is this thread's creator.

Black Tarantula: A black male who always tries to get in between conflict and end it, and always has the neutral opinion on just about anything. Avoids controversy and the like, but actually has an extremely short temper, only becoming a normal person when somebody calls them out specifically and insults them.

Bellend: The head of a penis.

Morgan Freeman: Sex on legs.

I updated the list.

You're a Raider or a Fortunate Hunter.
Posted 10/19/11
I'm going to regret giving you permission Aero, but enlighten me as to where I fall into this. I see myself practically everywhere that doesn't involve some sort of identity crisis. I'm taking that as a bad sign.
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Posted 10/19/11
Commissars - The anti-furies. These guys will bash and purge anything that has fur. He/she hates furfags and ponybros with a passion and often spams copypastas or images depicting killing and burning their favorite furry. They are especially hateful towards level 7 furies.(those who have a fursona)

I should stop hanging out in /tg/...
Posted 10/19/11
I'm a mix between 'Raider', 'Vampire' and 'Grammar Nazi', although I'm usually considered to be a 'Troll', but 'Troll' wasn't in your list.
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Posted 10/19/11
Attention Whore - Label given to any person who craves attention to such an extent that they will do anything to receive it. (and i mean anything) The type of attention (negative or positive) does not matter.

Most commonly found on the Internets, an Attention Whore is almost invariably a sixteen year old girl who desperately craves attention in any form. The majority of Attention Whores are completely insane and most still attend high school. Massive attention whores have Histrionic Personality Disorder.

Posted 10/19/11
I've come across all of these but I'm pretty sure I can take sections from some mentioned and apply them to my own persona.

"Aggression" from the Boiled one and Morgan Freeman.

and I loooove emoticons
Posted 10/19/11
I don't think I fit into any of those. I hope not anyway.
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25 / in darkness where...
Posted 10/19/11

i also think that i don't fit in any persona being mentioned on the list...
Posted 10/19/11 , edited 10/19/11
Labelers - Those individuals who are compelled to categorize others in an attempt to simplify inter-anthropological cognition (i.e. if you give someone a label with a defined trait cohort, you then have an anchor to who they are), either out of a sincere desire to efficiently understand others, as a social coping mechanism, simple laziness, humor, anger, or a combination of these reasons. Labelers run the risk of underestimating or missing the myriad nuances and egocentricities that make particular individuals unique, as well as limiting their own perception if the labeling tendency (the desire to "pigeonhole" others) is so ironclad in their minds that assessment myopia persists.
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