blogspot vs tumblr
Posted 10/19/11
do you prefer blogspot or tumblr? and why?

personally i prefer tumblr visually and the simplicity of the whole "reblog" system, however blogspot is better for personal blogs and the html and customising of blog layout is FAAR more simple
oh and i'd like to check out some tumblrs/blogs so post your links! ^^
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Posted 10/19/11
It really depends on what you're using it for. I feel like Blogspot is better for longer written pieces, while Tumblr is better for quickly sharing pictures and short bits of information.

Of course, you can do both those things on both websites, so it's really a personal preference. I see Blogspot as being more "formal" though, while Tumblr is more laid-back : )
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Posted 10/19/11 , edited 10/19/11
the forum rules state

Avoid creating Comparison/VS Threads
Posted 10/20/11
TUMBLR?? O_O I like pictures XDD
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Posted 10/20/11
Locked because versus thread~

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