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Post Reply 5 Centimeters Per Second DVD Blowout Sale in Honor of Mr. Makoto Shinkai's NYCC/NYAF Visit
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25 / M / Sweden
Posted 10/21/11
Respect to that. I personally hope to get my hands on a BD release of Code Geass someday. Has that been released yet? o.O
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Posted 10/21/11 , edited 10/21/11

TheMinion wrote:

I'd only buy a Blu-Ray release of this beautiful movie, but thanks for releasing it for so cheap anyway!

Qoureno wrote:

too bad it's not a BD release.... I'd so go for it! ^^ I bought the DVD version, though, and I do not regret making that decision. Why should I? Money exist to be spend, right? A question: how long will it take to actually ship it to me? a week? a month?...

P.S. I will buy the movie on BD. Once it comes out. Wasting money is fun

Blad3101 wrote:

I'd purchase if it came on Blu-Ray, as it's a great movie. Until then, I think I'll wait. The last thing I bought on DVD was the Code Geass: R2 box set, and that was back in 2010. B)

francehopper wrote:

I got it the first time CR had a deal on it. Fantastic movie. If it ever sees a Blu-Ray release, I'll happily upgrade to it.

This one: ? The release of Japanese/English audio with many subtitles?
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Posted 10/22/11
This is the one I would want to get the least but for 6 bucks...
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25 / M / Arnold Maryland
Posted 10/22/11
I really do need to see an animated movie sometime. I can't believe I haven't even watched 1 single movie.

ANd I heard this was pretty popular.

Pretty sure there was another movie that talked about an earthquake or something....not sure if it was this one or something else
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Posted 10/23/11
I have no money but I definitely wouldn't mind owning it ^^ everything he does is pretty awesome~
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