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If you had cancer (of any kind) and had only a year to live, what 5 things would you do before you die (money is not any
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26 / M
Posted 10/21/11
In my own opinion, these are the most... Productive things I could come up with:
1: Steal a car worth over a million dollars and crash it into a bank.
2: Start a meth lab in the backyard and invite the police over knowing they couldn't do anything.
3: Live in and off the land of the Red Woods of California and grow a manly beard.
4: Drink a whole bottle of "The Glenlivet" Nadurra Triumph 1991 or complete the ten Fosters in 10 minutes challenge.
5: Attend the original running with the bulls in Spain, like a boss.

SO! What would you do?
Posted 10/21/11
1. I will not die as Virgin Mary, so obviously intercourse.
2. Tell my friends that I love to insult all of them for my own enjoyment.
3. Get me a laptop.
4. Steal lots and lots of money.
5. Things....that I shall not mention.
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24 / F / Under your skin.
Posted 10/21/11

1. Make my mom happy.

2. Make my dad miserable.

3. Force Eiichiro Oda to hurry up and finish One Piece.
I'm not dying without knowing how One Piece will end.

4. Shut down Crunchyroll.

5. Have sex with Christiano Ronaldo.

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23 / M
Posted 10/21/11
Sex everyday, doing weed, drink a lot of shit till I'm drunk. Then more sex. That's all.
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31 / M / a town near u
Posted 10/21/11
well i have cancer and uh i guess i would
1. smoke the finest of chibas
2. find sympathy sex
3. travel to various places
4. rape emma stone if 2 fails(sh!tz n giggles)
5. and streak at different sporting events
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69 / M / Columbia, MO
Posted 10/21/11
1. Visit my relatives in Germany while they and I are still living.
2. Travel outside the USA on extended stays overseas.
3. Buy a brand new SUV and use to to traverse this country (USA) and Canada via gravel, barges, and/or dirt roads only. No Interstates, paved roads (if possible).
4. Mollify a major screw up I committed 20 years ago in west Texas (don't ask, it's none of your business).
5. My will and trust are all ready set up for friends and relatives who have been of great value to me in Life's Journey to use as they wish after I'm gone. That said, I would repeatedly tell my wife I will always love and revere her no matter which side of this Universe my cremated remains fall after my passage.
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22 / F / Behind You
Posted 10/22/11
1. I would rule the world.
2. EAT my favorite food to the fullest.
3. Kill my enemies (so we can suffer in hell together xD)
4.Travel around the world.
5. Have a happy family.
Posted 10/22/11
Fight a Lion
Fuck a Black Girl
Eat a Baby (Preferably an Asian)
Take kids from play grounds and sell them in the black market
Make a Human Centipede
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22 / M
Posted 10/22/11
^^^^ dude above me, i totally misread that as "Fuck a Lion" xD

1) screw my ex's hot best friend (he's kinda cute for a jerk and also maybe cuz my ex screwed me over just now)

2) leave really good grades or something for my mom

3) send miley cyrus and simon cowell heaps of hatemail

4) buy my dad some decent stuff (cuz he's a good man... but he puts himself last, e.g. he needs some socks but he bought my brother black ops and stuff instead)

5) make sure all my friends have awesome eulogies by giving them good memories about me in a span of a year
Posted 10/22/11 , edited 10/22/11

1.Donate money and books of educations to the poor.

2.Have my name stamped on the history books

3.Plant a sapling on reforestation program

4.Do random act of kindness.

5.Have sex and have a child or have my sperm on a sperm bank.

6.Make an homemade heirloom.
Posted 10/22/11
1. Quit my job.
2. Sleep as much as possible.
3. Watch anime and read manga.
4. Read non-anime books.
5. Repeat 1-4 until dead.
Posted 10/22/11
1. Kick underlock's balls
2. Find out where Lauriet lives
3. Marry Lauriet
4. Have a baby with Lauriet
5. Live with Lauriet till I die
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21 / M / Stoke, England
Posted 10/22/11
1. Hang myself
2. Eat shit out of the toilet
3. Punch a dyslexic
4. Break my penis
5. fuck some cholo stripper
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Posted 10/22/11
1. Eat all the foods I've never tried
2. get in a relationship......a obviously depressing one
3. Spend time with friends and my mom
4. Enjoy daily activities reading manga, watching anime
5. going out more
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F / потерян
Posted 10/22/11
One: Tell certain people I hate them.
Two: Sex.
Three: Weed.
Four: Party
Five: Hang out with my mom.
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