CR app out of sync?
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Posted 10/27/11
I decided to watch an anime (school days) and use CR app on my ipod...
I noticed a two things.
the anime it self was not on the list when I searched it on the search function on the app..
however i did fine the episode via safari (ipod internet thing)
so that was a slight inconvenience but nothing for me to brood about..
when I did watch the episode i noticed that the audio and video was out of sync..
is that a glitch on the app or something that I did wrong? :(

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Posted 10/27/11
some animes are not on the app...
but about the syncing problem,
it would sync guestbook fast enough to check it right after you receive it... just saying.
Posted 10/27/11
I sometimes find the anime I was looking to watch by hitting the "Browse" GUi in the upper left and then selecting "All" then scrolling down until I find it. The default list is "Most Popular" so you won't see everything in that view.
Kiki's Customer Support Service
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Posted 6/7/13
We revamped the forums. All the old site/support threads will be locked. Please use the new Help Forum Category.

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