About the licencsing problem.
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Posted 10/31/11
Well, since some other painful human being decided to be a pain, im going to go about this another way.
Shinji, or anyone else in the staff, why dont we have anime being licencsed for every country, I mean, today I went to watch Gundam Wing because I havent seen it in a while and I get the "sorry, this isnt licencsed in your country".
Now, I live in Australia, and every time I go to watch a GOOD anime, I cannot because it is unlicencsed in Australia.
So I ask, when am i going to be able to watch what I want, when I want? or will the licencsing stay the way it is now?
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Posted 10/31/11
A much better thread. We're working on licensing. Constantly working on it. I know it seems like we're not doing anything, but we really are. We hate licensing as much as you guys but our hands are tied. Right now we're working on domains, so the licensing should get better.
For example (They don't exist yet, so don't bother searching for them. ):
However, this will take awhile. It's a very slow process.

Anyway, duplicate. Please use the thread below;
Country restrictions

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