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17 / F / In your heart
Posted 4/18/13
YG! Because they treat themselves like a family.
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18 / F / Indonesia
Posted 4/20/13
YG! even they're actually a teamwork, but in YG, they become as close as Family
Posted 9/13/13 , edited 9/13/13
Umm I don't really have a favourite > . < But most of my favourite artists are SM..So I guess SM lol x3
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F / Aries, MN
Posted 10/14/13
TS Entertainment
CUBE Entertainmen
WM Entertainmen
Yedang Entertainmen
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23 / under the same sky
Posted 11/25/13 , edited 11/25/13
I must say at first I thought only YG artistes treat themselves as 'family' (because, "YG FAMILY" and say, versus, "SM TOWN") and share close bonds with each other.
But i was mistaken.
Turns out SM artistes do share close bonds with each as well - well at least amongst the older artistes such as dbsk and suju, i dont know about the rest. And i've seen plenty of JYP artistes with each other as well. So now i'm sure other artistes from other agencies have close relationships with each other too, just that maybe I dont know about it.

I don't like a particular entertainment company, or any companies really, but I do like the groups from a few companies - kind of like, liking the artistes but not the companies necessarily.
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15 / F / tangled in my own...
Posted 3/8/14
1) YG
2) SM
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