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Post Reply Who do you want Chihaya to end up with? (If anyone)
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Posted 9/4/12
I want her to end up with Taichi (...or Sudo works too x3). But I think right now she's going to end up with Arata. Unless something happens soon. GO TAICHI!
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Posted 6/16/13
im a chihaya and Arata fan =)
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Posted 6/28/13
I really like Arata but Taichi FTW!!!
It's so hard not to root for him. He tries really hard and yeah he was a jerk in the past but he's obviously changed. Every time Chihaya starts obsessing over Arata I get really irritated. Especially in the last episode.
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Posted 6/13/14
Feel a little awkward since this if from like a year ago but whatever, i LOVE taichi. Im not sure if i just like rooting for the underdog or what but he just cares so much for Chihaya, he works so hard at it mostly for her, it's like his way of expressing his love, he is always pushing her forward and he's been there for her, Arata is great but he is much more distant character, in my opinion he should end up with Shinobu (they could have super epic karuta showdowns all the time)
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