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High School Life in the Philippines
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25 / F / Yorkshire
Posted 4/16/12
Hi im in the UK and im not sure if it is diferent or not but all i know is that we have to wear trousers and jumpers and coat because its calld, im guessing that you dont have to over there, i would love to go though
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32 / M / the Other Side of...
Posted 5/11/12
During my high school days its was during the era where internet rate per hour is at 60 pesos and the cellphone companies introduced text messaging (in was kinda time when the people were conservative and the ladies were semi liberated).

Social groupings. Please be advised if you do not want to be offended do not read the spoiler below because some of them might be offensive.

Before and during the school sports competitions(PRISAA -> IRAA -> Palarong Pambansa) I am an athlete because I have to practice and play basketball for the school but after that I'm a delinquent who cut classes, do vices(smoke and drink) and look for street fights.

But those days are nice being a delinquent, We can buy beer/gin and cigarette in any store, Then go to the park and drink/ transfer the gin in a bottle of mineral water and drink it in the school grounds(The teachers never caught us doing this).
The method I used to do so that I wont get discovered, if I have consumed alcohol/cigarette is just to sit next to my father who smells like alcohol and cigarette during meal time.

Sneaking out of the house to just hangout w/ the barkada.

And also being in street brawl because of some unknown/childish reasons. Waking up in a hospital and going home w/ many wounds.

The time that we can only get laid is during occasion (Prom, Fiesta, X-mass, New Year, Intrams, Foundation Day, Holy week / when parents are out of town) where the parents usually lift the curfew on the ladies.

Posted 5/16/12
hmmm I ALWAYS slept in class so i dont know what happens xD
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27 / F / Moon, Fresno, CA
Posted 6/8/12
My high school experience in the Philippines

Watch the anime: Nichijou

True story! Hahaha
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22 / F / Philippines
Posted 6/8/12
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30 / M / San Francisco CA...
Posted 7/14/12 , edited 7/14/12
My HS life in the philippines as far as I could remember:

Red means the significant moments in my life

06:00 am - Wake up

06:30 am - Wake up again

07:00 am - hitch ride going to school

07:30 am - Flag Ceremony starts, I skip and hide in classroom. sometimes flirt with girlfriend

07:45 am - Start of 1st period

09:00 am - Recess - Cross the street to buy sinug-ba atay sa manok.

10:00 am - Pretend to be sick to skip algebra class, Flirt with school nurse.

11:00am - 12:00pm - Lunch time - Walk to internetan to play Counter strike, and after we do vices. -OR-
Caressing with girlfriend in Library


1:30 -4:00 pm - Afternoon classes, rush back to class, forgot my polo uniform in the internetan

5:00pm-7:00pm - Drinking with "study group"

7:30 pm - Rush home, watch anime "Vandread" on AXN

11:00pm - Sleep.
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M / Philippines
Posted 7/15/12
i remember skipping classes to play billiards or basketball
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27 / F / Moon, Fresno, CA
Posted 7/30/12
I remember having a gun pointed at me, but was empty.

Hitting a student with a wooden chair, shoving someone's face against a chalky blackboard, used someone's face to turn on a light.

Good times..
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23 / F / UK
Posted 7/31/12
Never experienced High School life in the Philippines...
Wish I did though
Woulda been great!
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23 / M / NJ
Posted 8/6/12
Mhmm I myself had never attended a high school in Philippines, but from the stuff i heard from my cousins, I guess it's pretty fun .
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Posted 8/12/12
below the knee uniform -_-
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21 / M / Angeles City
Posted 8/19/12
Fun for the most part. Many moments you won't forget like:

-You will always ask for a one whole sheet of paper even though you have some because you know that someone will ask from you.

-There will be always people that will burrow your ballpen, always. Sometime, you are the one that will burrow because you ballpen "magically" disappeared

-You and you classmates will tease each other with different code-names such as "pig", "monkey", "big nose", "skeleton" etc.

-Most of the time, there will be groupings every saturday. But when everytime there is a grouping, the time you spend talking to each other and playing is greater than the time you did in the actual work/project.

-Sometimes, you will talk to the teacher and exchange stories with him/her until the period ends to avoid lessons/exams.

-Sometime, the assignment of one will be the assignment of all.

-During exams, real "teamwork" is done.

-After dismissal you will stop by to a corner of a street to wait for fishball-vendor to eat fishball.

and many more lol
Posted 8/22/12
well ? for me ? its rather ermm , boring . .and has lack of activities . and a boring teacher .
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49 / F / Singapore
Posted 8/24/12
Game ako, bored din ako, siyet! May project akong dapat tapusin pero bakit nandito ako sa CR nagtatype ng kung ano-anoneh ???
Nung panahon ko, ready?

Quad pa SM-Makati, and Park Square, Greenbelt, under construction pa yan.

Harrison Plaza ang fave hang-out ko kahit madalas akong madukutan, lutang nako nuon pa eh..

Floppy disks pa sikat nun, kung di ka makarelate, ma n pa

Dot matrix pa printers nuon, pero cometothinkofit, mga big companies including where I work, still uses it..classic na sya!

Hair spray, hair spray, hair spray, ang sumira ng ozone layers at buhok ka, binalakubak yata ako nun pero tanggal naman mga kuto ko, nafreeze silang lahat so nangalaglag, kaso pati anit ko nag-dry! Yuckidadoo.

Laba, kula, plantsa! yan pa sanitary napkins na gamit ko. (wala namang bastusan mga readers..nagpapakatruth and nothing but the truth lang ang yours truly )

Kungfu shoes, pinaka cheap na shoes, isa ka ng dyosa pag Rusty Lopez brand ng sho-ez mo.

Under construction pa LRT nun.

Nilalakad ko pa mula Buendia to Rotonda, Pasay pauwi galing Jose Abad Santos HS

1st and last crush ko ang naging valedictorian namin. naging classmate ko sya nung 1st and 4th year ko, section 1. lagi lang akong honorable mentioned meaning nasa top ten lang ako lagi, di ko sya maabot. ewan ko na ngayon kung san na sya, believe me guys, it is not the end of the world kung mabasted kayo. Dyan naimbento ang try and try again..blahblahblah Kung wala pa rin, hunghang, mag-aral ka muna at hindi puro ligaw. mahiya kayo sa magulang nyo, noh!

Uso pa nun loveletters, madalas kong itago sa bading kong classmate at mas landi pa sya sakin, inggit lang ako kasi mas magaling syang magflirt kesa sakin. di bale, sabi ko naman sa kanya at least ako may boobs, eh ikaw forever flatchested. hate nya ko forever daw pero pag may baon akong sandwich, bestfriend kami, ang plastic!

Telepono pa nun ay yung classic black na derotate yung numbers, miss ko na yun! lahat nowadays and everywhere, push buttons, lichi!
Public phones, 30centavos (tatlong diyes) ginto coins nung panahon ko kasi telebabad nako nun eh. May dating kasi pag nagpublic phone ka nuon, meaning may datung ka, marami kang coins sa bulsa, considered rich ka na..tinitingala ka ng mga hunghang mong classmates, bwahahaha! Sensya na, OA nako dito!

2 Piso na papel na pera pa nun, si Dr Jose Rizal ang bayani. yes maniwala kayo, meron nung panahon ko.

Birthday ko, Php100 pesos baon ko pang gimik, regalo ng mommy ko. Simple lang kami ng 2 dabarkads ko. Nuod kami ng sine, baon namin tigitigisang 1 pint ng chocolate ice cream, comedy yata yung movie kay Dolphy or Chiquito, sige hagalpakan ng tawa and kain ng ice cream. Paglabas namin ng sinehan, kami naman ang pinagtawanan ng madlang people, bakit, why, por que, uyshama? yung harap ng blouse namin sa may bandang dibdib eh punong puno pala ng tulo ng mga ice creams. moral lesson yun, never eat ice cream while watching movie. anong magawa ko eh once in a blue moon lang yun bigyan ka ng mommy mo ng Php100 kada bday mo lang.

Savory pa sikat na resto nun.

Roller skates nun, yung de apat na gulong na desintas, bmx bikes, wow men those were the days na kababae kong tao marunong akong magskeed, kung di mo alam, guys bahala na kayo..

Gulong ng Palad, Peping, Flor de Luna and Annaliza and "Mga mata ni Angelita, and Flor de Liza (The movie, Flordeluna and Annaliza combo). Darna, lipad, darna o Lipad, darna, lipad ewan ko, basta dyan ako naging no.1 fan ni ate Vi and Nino.

Bagets 1 & 2, Maricel and William, Sharon and Gabby, Snooky and Albert, Ike Lozada, Kuya Germs and the infamous That's entertainment. Student Canteen, Eat Bulaga (forever loyal, Bosing and Sir Joey). Chiqui Hollman pa 1st lady host nila nun. buhay pa sila Helen Vela and Eddie Elarde nun.

Part 1 - end (yung assignment ko kelangan ko ng balikan, nasa public internet ako, gumagana metro )
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M / California, at Co...
Posted 9/5/12

panicstrawvberry wrote:

I remember having a gun pointed at me, but was empty.

Hitting a student with a wooden chair, shoving someone's face against a chalky blackboard, used someone's face to turn on a light.

Good times..

THIS. This was my high school.
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