Jmanga and Viz manga
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Posted 11/16/11 , edited 11/17/11
I was wondering does Viz Manga use Jmanga's flash technology in their manga reader because they look very similar if not almost exactly the same.
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Posted 11/17/11 , edited 11/17/11
I never used Viz Manga before, but I have used Jmanga. I do not like their system of "you have to buy more points to be able to read more" That's completely BS in my opinion. I know that they are trying to make money fast, but that's just not smart. I mean, why pay money to read a particular chapter/volume for almost the same price as just buying the book copy of it.

I suggested that they make it a monthly subscription like $19.99 a month and you can have ALL access to the manga you want to read. The downside of this method is that with just $20 a month, I can read quite a bit so they can lose a little bit of profits for that, but if you look at it at the macro level, if they use this method, more people will join and they will have more paying customer. But apparently they didn't pick up on it.

What I really like about Jmanga is there is this mode where you just click and it will move to the correct panel for you to read. It's the biggest PRO's in my opinion. But despite that, i still dropped the website due to their financial system. I haven't use it ever since the first week it was released.
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Posted 11/18/11 , edited 11/18/11
I like Viz Manga more, I'm not to fond of the money/subscription thing that JManga's got goin' on lately :/
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