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Posted 11/26/11 , edited 11/26/11
You guys should make an app with PlayOn, if you do you will be available on Wii,Xbox 360,PS3,numerous Blurays and TV,Roku,Android,Google TV(even though you have apps for some of these already),etc

Netflix, Hulu Free(not plus),CBS,Pbs,Nick,ESPN,etc are available on PlayOn and it is a great service more info can be found here

You will be on like 30 devices that you don't offer yet with PlayOn, so thats a bunch of birds you are killing with 1 stone lol.

3 of the the most requested devices for crunchyroll to be on are Wii,PS3 and Xbox 360 and Playon supports alll three of them, so just make an extension with PlayOn and you will be available on all 3.
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Posted 1/10/12 , edited 1/10/12
I support this message.
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