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Crunchyroll's FIRST meetup event in San Francisco
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Posted 12/14/11
Thank you for hosting this event, Crunchyroll!

I enjoyed the snacks, Q&A, and the screening of Hunter x Hunter 2011!

Bingo was also fun, but it was hard to tell what you wanted us to do to fill in the blocks. It was a nice icebreaker, but I think it could have lead to much deeper conversation if we could have elaborated on those experiences. "Why yes, I am in multiple anime clubs, I have been to Alcatraz , and I go to Los Angeles, multiple times each year. Would you like to hear more?"

Personally, I'm glad there wasn't any alcohol. Candy, Pocky, and Ito-En tea really hit the spot for this straight edge, hardcore fan. :)

1 1/2 hours to 2 hours was too short for the event. I found myself constantly being torn between taking pictures, asking questions, socializing, playing Bingo, watching Hunter x Hunter 2011 and enjoying refreshments. XD

I would love to attend another event such as this, it's just a shame that it's often difficult getting in/out of San Francisco and how the majority of those in California keep getting busier without end.

What did Crunchyroll staff think of the event?

Thanks again!
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M / San Francisco
Posted 12/14/11
First off, props to everyone who came out--it was a nice casual event

While I would echo Autolooper's sentiments about Bingo (I would've preferred more of a round robin intro/discussion myself), ultimately given the time restraints, it was more or less expected. Anyhoo, it was nice being able to chat with the lot of you and hopefully this is just the start of more events to come.
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Posted 12/20/11
That was a lot of fun thanks for hosting.
I'm probably going watch Hunter x Hunter now also it was pretty interesting. And thanks for all of the snacks too. It was great meeting new people as well as the staff. I hope the next one is a little longer though.
Great event and I hope to go to more events that you guys have.
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