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Posted 11/29/11 , edited 11/30/11
ok , listen up if i can figure out how to mass mail then sweet but for now i want everyone to know that i dont want this group to die i was here when haruhidaijo started it up with just a few. Now i cant be here as much as i should be to bring it back to life, but i know there are some who can do this so i want hands up names in to me with poeple interested.

Now this wont grant you power to kick people right away, oh no u half to work for basically those that through there interest in with me will get a job, and i expect that job to be done, i also expect new people, and old people to start doing stuff in the group, may that be saying hi commenting on stuff or putting up all don't know how many pictures ive drawn, how far ive come but my dam computer wont let me upload...maybe a new format or something but i will get new i have two days off in a row coming up i plan on spending those clearing the rift raft, i dont want to see people in the group if they are just in it for show...i want an artist community who actually again names in so we can do something and in the end i hope to make someone else leader of the group.
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