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Playstation Vita Memory Card Prices.
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Posted 12/23/11 , edited 12/23/11
Early adopters pay high prices, Sony will sell the Vita itself at a *loss* and recoup their investment through other means, the licence fees for one, memory cards for another. Over time the production process will refine and the prices will drop, you'll have revisions in hardware (Vita V2.0 V3.0 etc.) and the price will go down until it reaches a point that Sony starts to make money from the devices themselves. The 5 inch OLED screen itself probably costs the better part of £150!

The price of the cards though are meaningless, you just add it in to the total cost of buying the device in the first place, and if you can't afford it, wait until the prices drop down to a point which you can afford. Comparing the cards themselves, apparently games downloaded to the cards boot faster than games booting from the disk flash drives so we're probably looking at class 10 speeds which if it were SDHC would be around £1/gb, about the same as an SSD, although not so long ago it was more along the lines of £4/gb with SSD's. Give it a bit of time and we'll have 3rd party adaptors that'll let you use normal micro SD cards instead, possibly.

In the end, who cares about price? It's a machine that'll have Persona 4 on it, games that'll not ever appear on a mobile phone (which costs twice as much) and it'll be top quality. I'm still playing my PSP1000 Japanese import which I obtained pretty much as soon as it was released so there aint no question that build quality is top notch.
Posted 12/23/11 , edited 12/23/11
Sorry but this still hasnt been moved to the gaming section?
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