A new year coming....
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Posted 12/5/11
Well, the new year is coming.

Do you have any regrets, wishes, hopes or whatever it is.

As for me, yea, I have regrets, wishes and hopes.

I regret hurting the people closest to me and I wish that they could forgive me. I hope that next year would be a better year for me and everyone.

I also wish I had more time and money. (I need money to buy anime and time to watch them all.)
Posted 12/5/11 , edited 12/5/11
Regrets: damn, that coke...damn them all.

Wishes: none.

Hope: dead, doesn't exist.

La la la la.

Before I die, happy NEW year.

Great, now I regret not using lower cases on those two words that I just fixed.
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Posted 12/5/11
Regrets: spending time to commet on this forum

Wishes: I could go back in time and stop it from happening

Hope: I'll be able to stop posting on forums like this..

No no seriously. I'll be serious now.

Regrets: Hurting a best friend on accident. Yet he is still a great friend. He forgives me, still regret it though.

Wishes: I wish to be able to have the person I care most about by my side.

Hope: my future has my biggest desire in it..
Posted 12/5/11
Regrets: So many to name.
Wishes: The same ones I usually think about everyday.
Hope: I always do hope for the best for everyone that walks the planet to have better days in their future and the new year, and for people to develop more common sense.
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Posted 12/5/11
Regrets: i got some of course, but whats done is done.
Wishes: some to ache for, sounds weird but i wish i had something that I just couldn't live without. My life seems so mediocre right now.
Hope: that next year kicks some ass, live healthier, maybe even get spiritual a bit.
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Posted 12/5/11
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