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Posted 12/5/11
I like downloading most of my manga so I usually download them from Manga Traders. But since last year I started downloading some of them from scanlation sites that provide downloads for the projects that they do. Firstly because it's faster, second you get to see other manga you may not be familiar with and third you get to know the scanlators. (I think the scanlators need more love)

So do you have any favorite scanlation sites? Favorite scanlators? Or perhaps your part of a group and you want to advertise? (Just please don't use this thread to recruit people) Post the links and give a brief description of their projects! Here's my favorite sites:

Storm in Heaven - has a lot of unique projects. They scanlate shoujo, shounen and shounen-ai stuff. I like most of their choice of projects. PLUS the quality is really pretty. C:
Psycho Pandas - a two man group with one of the prettiest quality of scanlations ever. Their projects are mostly shounen-ai, yaoi or drama. Most of the stories are fluff though. Oh and their site is really pretty with fast downloads. C:
Liquid Eros - yaoi fans would love this site due to the large amount of available manga to download.
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