What makes a "reverse harem?"
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Posted 12/6/11 , edited 12/6/11
i've been thinking about this... i know that harems are a lot of girls surrounding one guy, but there are also "reverse harems." since it's "reversed," does that mean it's one girl surrounded by guys? if it is, how many guys would make a reverse harem?
well, state all of your opinions here about reverse harems.
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Posted 12/6/11
Well technically since it's reverse harems, it's one girl surrounded by many guys (usually three or more guys).
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Posted 12/6/11
I would agree that the reverse harem would be at least 3 guys with one girl. Some of the ones I can name off the top of my head;

The Wallflower
Fruits Basket

~This early in the morning I'm lucky I can name two.
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Posted 12/6/11
If the main character has just two possible love interests, then the term "love triangle" is appropriate.

When there are three or more potential love interests, then the show in question can safely be called a harem series. It's probably safe to use just the term "harem" regardless of the genders and sexualities of the characters involved. (There are a few instances of boy x boy harem, and girl x girl harem.) But sometimes it helps to be specific.

"Reverse harem" specifically applies to series with a woman who has three or more potential male love interests. Here are several anime/manga examples, most from TVTropes' article on the harem genre at http://www.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/HaremGenre:

* Ouran High School Host Club (also a meta-comedy)
* The Wallflower
* Me And My Brothers manga
* Ashita no Nadja
* Pretear
* Fushigi Yugi
* Tokyo Mew Mew
* Tenshi Na Konamaiki (borderline example, involves gender bending)
* Shugo Chara
* Fruits Basket
* Haou Airen manga
* Hiatari Ryoko! manga

The Visual Novel Database lets users see up-to-date lists of reverse harem games. Here's the current list of what's available in English: http://vndb.org/g542?fil=tagspoil-0.tag_inc-542.lang-en;m=0;o=a;s=title There are a few Flash games and complex games which also include reverse harem themes.
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Posted 12/6/11
One girl surrounded by at least three guys. Two guys would just be a love triangle.
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Posted 12/6/11
a few males who r of high school age. who are bishōnens and unique--
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