Nagato return (the real one)
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Posted 12/10/11
Does anyone else wish that there was some jutsu that could return Nagato's soul to his body (the one Konan died trying to protect from Tobi) and completely healed to full power (as in, he would be as strong as he could get had he not gotten emaciated from Gedo Mazo) then resurrect him? After that, he chose to fight on Naruto's side?

Keep in mind that he was shown to have used the Rinnegan longer than Madara/Tobi and is probably the only character besides Naruto (I'm not including Itachi because he was shown to be evil even at a young age whereas Nagato learned his martial arts from Jiraiya when he was still good and because the Rinnegan is greater than the Mangekyou Sharingan) that (I think that even Sage Mode Naruto would have lost to Nagato if Nagato wasn't emaciated from the Gedo Mazo) that would be the greatest threat to Kabuto/Orochimaru and Madara/Tobi?

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Posted 5/22/13
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