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Does the military interest you?
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Posted 12/8/08

YoshinoYuuske wrote:

to sunny: Thanks. I try to just be a realist about it.

RainCloudsInJuly wrote:

rotc is pretty lame.
and the military interests me immensely.
most of my friends are marines.
and i've wanted to join the air force.
but i'm not so sure yet.
because i don't feel like leaving
my whole life behind.
i supposed that if i didn't have a life to begin with,
i would have left that to go to the military with the quickness.

Heres the thing:
I joined because where I am from was only a few things:
College (if you were lucky)
Factory work (big 3 and foreign auto makers related)
Farm work (No joke)
I tried working a full time job in a plastics factory while going to college for electrical engineering.
I was working 12 hour days 6 days a week while going to college for an additional 4 hours a night after that.
The mental stress got to me at some point and I made a couple of really bad mistakes.
I found myself in what I call a "Revolving nightmare" in which I kept on trying to put one thing to more importance but would have to switch after a while based upon neccesity.
eventually, I decided "To hell with this, I need to get out of the loop and move foreward in life."
My original intention was to go into the Navy. I wanted to be on one of the aircraft Carriers working with radars and helping get planes in.
Well The navy guys didnt show up for the appointment I scheduled with them.
So as I was walking out of the recruitment office, an army guy literally swooped out of nowhere and sat me down.
I layed out what I wanted to do and he told me my options.
not too long afterwards, some other guys and myself went and took the asvab.
Now for the sake of simplicity I will use the 1-98 score as I do not like listing out all my line scores.
I scored a 92 on the test.
The other people I took the test with got between 23 and 40.
So, I went down to the Meps station at my state capital (Columbus ohio) and told them "I want to do intel" and was unbudgeable from that position.
I finally got my choice job and did not settle for anything else.
That was 3 years ago.
I just re enlisted for an additional 6 years.
I only re enlisted because I wanted japan and would not re enlist if I couldnt get it.
So, come august of 2009 I will be going to Misawa Japan.

I left everything of the old me behind and grew as a person since leaving.
I would like to believe I am more mature, but I know I have alot more growing up to do as a person.
Untill I have a wife and kids, I will not consider my growing as a person to be done.
However, in giving up some things, I have gained opportunities most people I know will never have.
I traded a few things and gained alot more.
Though my biggest sacrifice taught me the importance of making the right and well informed decision over the easy choice.

I'm new to the actual forums by the way. I have been lurking the site off and on for a while.
So, if there is anything you want to know, ask me and I'll do my best to answer.
if I cant answer tonight. I'll likely have an answer by tomorrow. Nice thing is, the army gets to be like a family and I have alot of resources to draw from.

that's the thing though.
i wouldn't want to join the army.
i would want to join the air force
and go right away into battle.
i'm an all or nothing kind of person.
so if i ever do decide to go,
i'm leaving all behind and going into battle
and then i'll decide if i want to go to college after that or not.

i'm not trying to take the easy way out.
because either way, there's a lot of work i have to do.
i want to be a psychologist for a mental institution for women.
i want to have a phd and have a nice government job.

but the military sounds a lot easier.
because as much as i would love to be a civilian and live the common life,
the erractic nature of the military has always interested me.
so that's where i have to draw the line
and make my decision.
is the life that took me years to build, sufficient to keep me happy
or am i willing to put that in pause and probably never come back
just to go off to the military and have a completely new life.

have a clean slate, or work on my current life.
that's a decision not many are willing to even think about..
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31 / M / Misawa
Posted 12/8/08
Your perceptions a lil flawed dont ya think?
The way you are going about it, is that you are giving up and doing something else.
Do you not think that, no matter what you decide to do, you are simply building on what you have?
Your life isnt on pause or anything.
What you do from day to day IS your life.

And remember it isnt about doing battle or going off to war.
I'll be honest, I have not Deployed yet.
And by the looks of things, I might get lucky and not.

I decided I wanted to join the police when I get out.
Its either that or become a defense atttorney with a minor in atmospheric sciences (What can I say? I like the weather)
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40 / F / NC, United States
Posted 12/8/08 , edited 12/8/08
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22 / F / Canada
Posted 12/8/08
I wouldn't join the army because i heard its really hard to get yours self out of. But there is something called a Reserve or something that you can join and you can quit anytime you want. You get payed and you get to shoot guns and throw gernades. So i would only do it for the money and the cool activites. Lol.
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26 / M / Baltimore, MD
Posted 12/8/08
i really dont like the US government
but I really aint got nothing going for me so I might join a millitary service
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29 / M / Texas
Posted 12/8/08
Thats a negative.
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23 / M / Washington D.C.
Posted 11/18/12
Yes it does and I'm apart of it.The Air Force. Some of you need to do a little more research to truly understand how the military is.You don't automatically join then start fighting.Also when you get deployed that doesn't mean you'll see combat. The military is the perfect opportunity to do and see some amazing things.I'm in D.C and I like it here a lot. Also for the female who said you can leave the reserve anytime you want thats not true.You leave when your contract is up.
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45 / M / Texas
Posted 11/18/12
yes enough that i joined
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23 / M / Norway, Oslo
Posted 11/18/12
I think it entirely depends on which country your in.
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28 / M
Posted 11/18/12
Hell yes. 6 years and hopfully more. Been to 13(14?) different countries (A few which shot at me, but that's ok >_>).

But seriously, it has it's up and downs. But what I currently do, I actually feel like I'm making a difference.

Also, calling a AC-130.....SO AWESOME.

(Has drank a little bit too much koolaid...>_>)
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21 / F / In your closet : P
Posted 11/18/12
To some extent yes.
But I would never do it.
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26 / M / Ireland
Posted 11/18/12
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28 / M
Posted 11/18/12
The military by and large is not for everyone. Period. Talk to different recruiters, and bum around the internets before you commit. Don't join and then get all pissed off your personel freedom's have been restricted. (Or be like those jackass in Japan, rape that poor girl, and RUIN libtery for all the damn personnel in Japan. Seriously, f--k those guys).

Plus, even if you only do four years, the number of Veteran programs, like the 9/11 GI Bill, to name one, are crazy helpful.
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30 / M / warwick
Posted 11/18/12
i'm actually prior military honestly military isn't for everyone. there pro's and con's like any job if you don't like taking order and working in a very structured work enviroment don't join. even though i like my job in the navy i just didn't like the politics.
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Posted 11/18/12

I was actually planning on joining the USMC right after High School. I was actually physically prepared for bootcamp and had only 11 days to go before I left...I had scored a 69 on my Asvab...and, my recruiter(s) did not assign me my MOS(Job) for after basic training...Mostly due to me having 3 recruiters because the first two finished their duties and left...I didn't want to end up in infantry and asked for a pog job (medic).

Anyways, I didn't feel like waiting and wasting my time and theirs. So instead I got a part time job and I am currently getting my associates as a RN.

With global conflicts sprouting up here and there, I feel like I made the right choice in not placing my self in the line of fire. Plus, a good friend of mine (the one that convinced me to join) is very depressed right now and hates everything...I kinda feel for him, though I did tell him to look up for info on what exactly he was going to do. I feel like I would have ended up like him... :/
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